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IC Insights agency: the global chip market will recover in Q2 next year
House of T November 13, analyst firm IC Insights predicted in a report that the global chip market is expected to recover in the second quarter of next year.
The agency said the chip market will contract 9 percent in the third quarter of this year and will contract a further 8 percent in the fourth q...
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Intel released "Thunderbolt 5"

Brocent Oct. 20 - Intel today previewed the next-generation Thunderbolt standard (tentatively called Thunderbolt 5), which will enable ultra-fast data transfer speeds for future Mac and Windows devices, among others, as well as improved external display support in standards to be introduced in 2023 ...

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Accelerating into the cloud-native era, the value and role of Intel's hardware and software
In 2010, OpenStack, an open source platform jointly developed by NASA and Rackspace, was born to help service providers and enterprises realize cloud infrastructure services. It brought open source and open thinking to the cloud-native space and opened a new chapter in cloud-native development.

In 20...
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FAANG is out of fashion?

Beijing, September 6 morning news, according to reports, investment firm Constellation Research chief analyst and founder Ray Wang said in a media interview that it is time to redefine the top of the technology giant food chain.

According to the analyst, the previous FAANG should be replaced by MATAN...
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Amazon and Google Blast Microsoft: Cloud Computing Engages in Monopoly, Hinders Customer Flow
Amazon and Google reportedly slammed cloud computing rival Microsoft on Tuesday, accusing it of making the latest software business adjustments that will prevent customers from moving to competing cloud computing platforms and affect fair competition in the market.

On Monday(2022/08/29), local time, ...
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Approach IoMT Security and Risk Management - Brocent
Approach IoMT Security and Risk Management - Brocent
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Notice for  change on Hong Kong office address

In order to better serve customers in Hong Kong, we are relocated the service center. 

If  have customers in Hong Kong,  happy for come to consult

Below is the new address:




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Global Cloud Services

With global supply chain shortages, cybersecurity threats, and geopolitical instability escalating, cloud business transformation has become a top priority for businesses. Small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, have begun to increase their investment in cloud infrastructure services to s...

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China New Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) 
China has passed a major new privacy law, in an effort to curb the power of big tech firms operating in the country.
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eCh0raix Ransomware Variant Targets QNAP, Synology NAS Devices
In a report published Tuesday, Palo Alto Network Unit 42 researchers said the new variant of eCh0raix exploits a critical bug, CVE-2021-28799 – an improper authorization vulnerability
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