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SERVICE Request for IT Service

Request for IT Service Support

Request for a service TICKET number

Customer users and partners' agent may send us the IT service requirement online ,or send email to it-service@brocent.com, then one TICKET number will be offered by email auto responder.

If you want to have a update of Ticket status, you may reply the auto responded emails, and make sure the email subject contains "[Request ID:##<Your_Ticket_ID>##]".

Measurement of Service Request

BROCENT service management system will make generic measurement who you are, and furthermore the Partner Team will update the service type, SLA, Engineer assignment, and of course will make the appropriate appointment with site contact. All such arrangement will be finally written back to the requesters.

In case that any technical or commercial dispute exists, that will jeopardize the process of IT service request, and Account Manager will support all necessary coordination. 

Backline Technical Support 

Each ticket is supported jointly by field service engineer and one shared second line support engineer throughout the whole ticket life cycle, that covers the international coordination, translation, technical senior support.

During the support process, field engineer, site contact, remote engineer and partner team will be invited into a dedicate instant messenger chat room for each sharing information i.e., screen, photos and instant chat on progress and issues.

Ticket Closing

At the end of each ticket, BROCENT partner team will provide customer the signed filed service report, that includes the description of service tasks, time in/out records, customers' comments.

All such information will be updated into BROCENT service desk system. Such time stamp information is the proof for all upcoming commercial transaction and invoice.

In the stage of post service delivery, customer users or partner agents may request for clarification from BROCENT service Partner Team. 



Key Factors When Requesting for Service A Service

This standard operation procedure generally tells the way of raising a technical support request, handling service quality complain and escalation, and working closely with client to meet IT service expectation on business needs. This SOP guides the end customers' users, partners' IT service desk agents and project teams' members.
Limitation - The service of request will be delayed for process under the condition that the service contract is out of date, and/or the requested service is not fully justified.
  1. Make sure to use your company's email address to send request to our service desk; Otherwise, we are not able to identify who you are;
  2. it-service@brocent.com is the Only one email address that is handling all client's daily requests;
  3. Make sure that all required information is provided in a specific service request, that includes Requester, Site Address, Site Contact, Remote Engineer's Contact, Detailed Scope of Work, Way of Appointment, Engineer's Identity, Service Report, and Preferred Onsite Response Time;
  4. If the ticket needs Part Replacement, the information of Part Number is mandatory, and the lead time of part shipment from each BROCENT warehouse is counted into the response time.
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