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BROCENT specializes in design and build up the IT infrastructure of your new local office, and continuously deliver the on-going IT maintenance and support with enhanced IT security governance in complete line with global IT standards.

IT Infrastructure Design

Consultant visits your current and new office to study the needs and offer the solution design and discuss further

Structure Cabling & Fluke Test

Strict compliance in structure cabling management, mounting of monitors, surveillance cameras, and TVs.

Product Supply &Install

Supply all necessary hardware – servers, computers, network devices, monitors, printers, and business phones, etc.

Project Management & Support

With understanding through the initial meeting with you at your current location and a walkthrough of your new location, BROCENT project manager provides the bespoke technical design and proposal, and shall seamlessly govern the project progress and status till the flawless project completion.

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Look for an intelligent new office? 

Speak to our 18+ years technical consultant to shine the dream into reality.

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Brocent have completed more than 120 office IT setup as of today. Many of our clients are located outside of China Mainland (UK, US, Asia), who is looking to setup a branch office and open business in China and Asia Countries. We are specialist in office setup services supported by our team of expert project managers and fully certified engineers. You may find out the essential components for the full intelligent office setup solutions.

LAN &Wireless Design &Setup

Wireless and LAN capacity assessment to design the robust managed network. 

Structure Cabling

オフィスIT LANネットワークとCCTVを設計し、セットアップするために、フィッティングアウト会社と密接に協力

Audio Visual System Setup

A/V system design and setup to deliver the advanced & efficient communication system

Hardware & Software Supply

Brocent Supply Chain team delivers the end to end hardware and software for new office IT.

Telephone System Setup

Cloud enabled telephone system to have instant access and connection with customers & clients

File Server & Business Email

Size to setup the on-premise file server and cloud based robust business class email system.

Life Cycle of IT Solutions

Brocent provides the life cycle IT setup for the infrastructure in the new office, including IT design, capacity plan, supply of hardware & software, installation and the on-going support. All are flat rate and responsive technical support & service

What Brocent is Offering?

Brocent offers the all-in-one tailored IT solutions to deliver the turn-key project management, that designs, builds, setup, maintain and transfer to the customer (DBSMT)

Door Access Control & Office CCTV

Integrate the Door Access Control and Office CCTV system into the IT infrastructure design, and enable the AI driven Smart Office Control

IOT and Automation of Things

Integrate the elements of Office working environment  into IOT gateway and make office management intelligent by automated control of the light, curtain, air conditioner, water supply, meters of electricity and so on.

24 x 7 Help Desk Support

Service Command Center (SCC) from Brocent is service available 24 hours, 7 days to handle your IT request and incidents.

On-going IT Maintenance & Support

Hassle free on IT maintenance and operation after the IT setup and deployment in the new office. Brocent SCC/FSS team delivers continuously on-demand and preventive IT Support service

Enterprise IT Security

Manages IT Security is accounted into the overall IT design and plan so as to make sure all new IT setup in compliance to general security guideline.

Build up the Intelligent IT Solutions

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Solid Packing and Move with insurance IT asset


Alignment of all parties to resume IT service in time


Contingency plan to avoid interruption of IT service


Keep redundant resource to shorten task completion

Schedule & Resource Alignment

The major objective is to resume IT service to production status through relocation and setup.

Manage well the project schedule and make sufficient resource to work on the complex arrangement of IT installation, movement and finalize the user acceptance test.