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You are managing a small business, or your business is growing to decentralized countries and cities... All business are relying tremendously on the integrated telecommunication and meeting system, that streamlines the internal and external communication channels, uplifts the efficiency and work quality. Choose any agile Phone system and solution in the cloud, and simply the day-to-day IT operation and maintenance. BROCENT delivers the cloud based telephony communication solution. Whenever the endpoint is connected with internet (IP Phone, Computer, Mobile Phone),  IT user can make business communication instantly. Pay as Client Business Grows.

Refresh Phone PBX System

Extend your current PBX phone system to the remote offices or home work. BROCENT consultant design and renovate your IT infrastructure to streamline the communication in your business operation. 

Phone PBX System New Office

BROCENT consultant visits your current and new office to survey your Infrastructure, plan the network requirement, and design the PBX migration &upgrade plan to enhance the user experience of using productive phone system

Integrate Phone System into Cloud

The meeting system e.g., Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zooms are used.  BROCENT consultant setup new technology to integrate the current PBX system into your meeting system - A Unified Communication Platform


Most of our clients do not want to hire an in-house IT support staff, or their demands do not warrant a full time IT guy. This is where Technology Support Hong Kong or any other Asia countries e.g., China, Singapore, Malaysia come in. We can be your outsourced technology support department and we can also be the back up for your in-house IT staff. Our team work on-site to ensure things are running smoothly, efficiently and securely. Your company may need us to come in on a weekly or monthly basis or just be on-call for unexpected emergencies.


Advanced PBX Features

Features of Auto Attendant, Call Queue, Conference, and more are all included

  • Customize the auto attendant to fit for business use case on different work time and team's business scenarios
  • Background music and tips to smooth the user experience of online waiting.

UC Soft Phone

Unified Communications App delivers consistent communications experience 

  • No more physical desktop only. User can choose to use soft phone on Android, Iphone and desktop computer
  • Easy installation and configuration to enable the corporate phone features.

High Compatibility

Cloud PBX is compatible with worldwide SIP trunks and mainstream IP phones.

  • The cloud PBX is compatible with all main stream SIP protocols 
  • They can work easily with different brands of Desk phone and SIP voice gateway to establish the business collaboration

Geographical Flexibility

Multi-site Organizations can unify headquarters, branches, and teleworkers 

  • Client may need to use the Cloud PBX system in multiple sites globally for different scale of regional offices
  • Cloud PBX is hosed in different data centers to allow quick access from different regional offices with best performance.

Future-proof Phone System

New users can be added as needed. A phone system that grows with business

  • Business grows and may demands more user accounts and features, that works for start-up company and up to 300+ users.
  • Minimum 2 users' subscription, and may augment as many as you may need with business growth. Can meet the needs for both office phone system and call center.


Currently the PBX system is being supported by ALICLOUD, AWS and AZURE with the commitment of 99.99%

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Toll Free 400 Hotline

Apply to get a local Toll free hotline number for your client and partners

SIP Channels

Get enough channels to support concurrent sessions of calls

Telephone Number

Keep same office phone number whenever you need to move


This section illustrates the commonly used IT telephony devices for customer easy reference.

Meeting Phone


Local Phone Number

Local Office Number in the Cloud

Choose the telephone number your office would need in any area code. No matter your office is, handle the inbound and outbound calls with the confidence. It will avoid any telephone circuit application and installation in your premise office.

Toll Free Telephone Number

Toll Free Telephone Number

You might need local 400 toll free hotline number to support the business with customer and partners.  BROCENT support the subscription of service, and furthermore supports the system integration with cloud PBX.

Interactive Voice Response


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) would significantly improve caller experience. Based on specific words or phrases callers say, an IVR routes calls to the correct department. BROCENT offers the cloud PBX, that supports multiple isolated IVR to serve the business needs

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant

If you might got understand, "Press 1 for sales, press 2 for support," then you've used an auto attendant. Using a cloud PBX, set up your auto attendant in seconds, not days. Your team will appreciate speaking to the right callers every time.

Advance Call Routing

Advance Call Routing

Handle incoming calls by directing them to the correct department or team automatically. Advanced call routing criteria can include the calling number, called number, or business hours.

Voice Mail

Voice Mail

Receive voicemail messages, including caller information in your inbox. Voicemail-to-email saves you time in dialing to get your voicemail messages. Just open your email and listen.