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INDUSTRY Finance Sector


In Financial Sector, Client CIO understands their technology infrastructure is the backbone that drives the evolvement of the core business offering, and the customer's experience. Financial institutions rely on the simplified and reliable IT managed services and solution from BROCENT to maintain a cost efficient IT operation, and highly secured IT infrastructure to serve and protect the customer's digital assess from cyber attacks.

Customer in the financial sectors needs proper financial IT support when the right mix of software, servers and services supports their business. As an integrated IT managed service provider, BROCENT works as the virtual IT department to plan, implement and support all that technology, and keeps the servers running 24 x 7, the software upgrade plan, the users supported and staff onboard/offboard IT management. This strengthens in-house capabilities and lower costs or establish a fully outsourced infrastructure. 

Financial Focal in Asia | Where BROCENT's Presence

Global Financial Centers Index,GFCI 28


China Mainland Financial Center. Rank #3 globally. 65 highly accredited IT engineers are supporting here.


Asia Regional Financial Center. Rank #5 globally. 16 highly BROCENT accredited IT engineers support here.


Asia Regional Financial Center. Rank #4 globally. 8 highly BROCENT accredited IT engineers support here.


Asia Regional Financial Center. Rank #6 globally. 11 highly BROCENT accredited IT engineers support here.


Exclusively for Financial Sector, Deliver Secured  IT Support Service

Managed IT Daily Support
Managed IT Security Solutions
IT Assessment & Audit
Office IT Infrastructure Setup
Endpoint Security Solution
Secure Network Maintenance

Financial IT Service Challenge

The IT profile of financial service providers is unique. It ranges from retail banking IT services to private wealth management IT support and from General IT management to investment advisory firm IT support. BROCENT  as a ASIA-wide MSP providing IT support, cybersecurity and cloud solutions for hedge funds, private equity, family offices and asset managers. BROCENT provides the experienced, committed expertise to establish the right mix of hardware, software and networks. Brocent can be your IT Team or we can take on some or all of your IT challenges,  building solid, long-term client relationships. 

Staying Connected

The velocity of data, the need to be connected to online business feeds, and the demand for unbreakable security and backup require a level of scalability and performance few other businesses share.

Keep System Updated

System administration is the master behind every in-house infrastructure. That extends from the team that monitors your systems to the people that help you analyze and act on the large amount of data you collect.

Escalating Costs

Operational budgets related to supporting IT infrastructure grow right alongside your business. The chronic need for increased storage, upgraded systems  can have a constant, significant impact on OPEX.

Keep Customer Happy

Maintaining customer satisfaction is always the prime concern for financial services providers. When your technology comes face to face with your customers, it has to be running at peak performance at all times.

Hedge Funds

We offer clients hedge fund MSP IT solutions from a truly unique perspective: leading edge cloud and security solutions with global, around-the-clock support. We invite you to find out why and learn more about our deep hedge fund expertise.

Private Equity

BROCENT are delivering Elite Service for the growing demand of private equity IT support. Learn more about the solutions we can provide your firm, especially our cybersecurity and public cloud platforms which are well-suited for private equity clients.

Family Office

Family offices often have tight IT budgetary constraints and much concern of IT Service Reliability. Our IT managed service consultant will support you navigate through your unique IT requirements and deliver a MSP solution that's right for you.

Asset Managers

We fully understand asset management. From multi-billion dollar global pension funds to independent advisors, BROCENT solution meets your unique needs, and the senior-level engineers are immersed in solving our clients' issues.

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10+ Years Financial IT Support

Technology has become an important differentiator in the finance and accounting industry. To attract and keep both clients and talented employees, you need to provide the sophisticated technology that they expect.

But it's hard to keep on top of, and be an expert in, all the new technologies that are available. Financial services firm can gain immediate access to the latest expertise and guidance., financial services firm can gain immediate access to the latest expertise and guidance.

Security is another huge concern for the financial services industry. Data breaches involving financial services firms increased by 480% from 2017 to 2018. Cybercrime now costs the financial services sector more than any other industry with no end in site.

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From banks to brokerages, financial services organizations are seeking new ways to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue and shareholder returns. BROCENT is supporting Multinational companies with Managed IT Outsourcing Services. The managed IT service model provides high quality IT deliveries through the Multi-Lingual Support Teams and Structured Methodology. Customer is worry free to deploy and operate the IT operation in all distributed country and city based offices, plants and other pop sites, that BROCENT single of contact from service desk and Level 2 & Level 3 team are supporting centrally with local FSS team.


24/7 Service Controllers Keeps clients update the status of all on-going tickets.


BROCENT engineers are the team member of the virtual IT Department.


Fixed rate to deliver the T&M IT field service across all your local offices 


"ONE CONTACT" answers all your questions in terms of tickets & project


TOKEN - a way of delivering Break-fix, IMAC, Project based complex IT service

Multiple Locations IT Support


56 cities localized field service team are centrally managed by Brocent L2 controllers, that address your IT matters instantly.

IT Support Offerings


   Multiple tenants enabled IT support system receives and thousands of request, 

  that drives all our technician force.


Single Point of Contact in English & Chinese for all technical support via our Call Center & Online Support Desk

IT Support Price


Wherever the service is requested to deliver in China cities (Excl. HK), it works with one price.

IT Documentation


As a well organized IT team, we manage the SOP, Technical White Paper and Knowledge base in every operation.