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Successful cases of IT professional services
Successful cases of IT professional services

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Ekahau  helps build enterprise backbone network

Author: Wilson Liu, Sales of BROCENT China
Project background

The client is a wholly-owned subsidiary established in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone in 2006. The company has comprehensively improved its technical level and production capacity, which not only shows customers' confidence and determination in the Chinese market, but also can effectively and better serve customers. The customer's IT department in China not only complies with the strict quality control system of the German headquarters, but also has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and relevant domestic certification. Semi closed piston compressor and semi closed screw compressor have passed CRAA product certification, and aluminum compressor for transportation has passed CCAP certification.
The switch and wireless access point equipment used by the customer's Beijing company (office and warehouse) have been used for more than 10 years. At present, the health status and technical parameters of the equipment can no longer meet the customer's daily office needs. Customers need to comprehensively upgrade the wireless network, including the update of wireless access points in the office area and the full coverage of wireless signals in the plant / warehouse to meet the needs of future industry 4.0.


1. aging of network equipment:
The customer has used the switch /ap for more than 10 years, and the equipment health and technical parameters can no longer meet the customer's daily work needs.
2. office area:
·The existing wireless network can not achieve full coverage. The signal in some office areas and conference rooms is weak and there is no signal.
·Mobile devices cannot be seamlessly switched in different AP coverage areas.
·The data transmission speed is slow.
3. warehouse and workshop area:
·AP layout points are few and cannot be covered
·The warehouse is more than 15m high and the construction is complex
·Unreasonable AP Visit Location
·The existing AP equipment cannot meet the future industry 4.0


BROCENT PS team investigated the environment on site and held on-site meetings. The professional wireless test software ekahau is used to conduct full coverage test on the office area + plant of customers with an area of more than 10000 square meters.
BROCENT's customer manager and procurement team monitor the status of orders and freight throughout the process, and provide installation and deployment services according to the implementation plan agreed with the customer after receiving and accepting the goods. The on-site service team shall minimize the impact on the customer's office and production through construction at night / on rest days, so as to realize the senseless replacement of equipment and switching.

Characteristics and achievements

When designing the scheme, the biggest difficulty lies in the difference between the AP point design and the customer budget. If there are enough APS, the effect is good and the budget is high. In order to achieve the optimal effect, a large amount of testing work has been invested in the early stage, repeatedly testing wireless signals at different locations, and using the minimum number of points to achieve the optimal coverage effect.
From this project, BROCENT has gained advanced experience in the design and implementation of plant / warehouse wireless coverage projects. It will provide more customers with efficient, high-quality and accurate design schemes and implementation work for the long-term realization of industrialization 4.0.

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