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    Use AirMagnet, Chanalyzer Wi-Spy Dbx, and Ekahau Pro to deliver the professional WIFI Site Survey service.
    "Wifi Survey as a Service" presents visibility of wireless network's strength and performance to clients...

New Network Wireless Survey

Assess the wireless signal strength, location of each wireless access point, RF interference and noise levels are all included. Using this information, BROCENT can optimize your wireless deployment and choose appropriate radio channels, antennas, and transmit power levels of each wireless access point to maximize the performance of your wireless network.

Predictive Wireless Survey

A predictive survey is to make wireless network design based on the factors of wall type, AP placement and density of users and so on. Using the floorplans BROCENT virtually assess the hardware requirements and offer detailed recommendations on the type, quantity and location of access points.

Since these surveys are virtually made, they cannot account for external or unanticipated interference.

Health Check  Wireless Survey

The onsite survey to identify the potential technical issues within the existing network. BROCENT certified engineer will analyze the integrity of your wireless, diagnose the source of the problem and recommend a solution.
These surveys are recommended for network maintenance to proactively avoid disruption to your business.

Post Installation Wireless Survey

A wireless network design and implementation might be a loose end with bad WIFI performance and user experience. 

BROCENT perform a final Post-Installation Wireless Survey that verifies that coverage, interference, channels and capacity of meeting business needs, certifies the best WIFI coverage guarantee and provides clients with assurance they are moving forward with a new wireless network that has been correctly designed for both current and future use.

Wireless Site Survey


Choose the right Wireless Survey technology and solutions to design, setup , validate and/or troubleshoot the Wireless Network Performance Concerns.

Wireless Site Survey
Wireless Site Survey
Wireless Site Survey

What is Wireless Site Survey?

Business develops fast and would demands much more on wireless network's performance and security.  A wireless survey is a crucial part of designing and deploying the reliable and robust wireless network.  A professional survey will identify existing and potential issues using the latest technology, giving you the understanding you need in a detailed report.

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Benefit of Wireless Survey

BROCENT certified wireless engineer will give you the strong support to plan a robust network that is tailored to your business needs.

A WiFi survey allows BROCENT to design a professional solution that considers the size and site of your business, interference, Rogue AP, Network capacity, Wireless scalability, mobility, and the overall network security.

WiFi Expert Engineer

  • Certified EKAHAU and AirMagnet engineers works for enterprise wireless networking
  • Experts in the comprehensive network designs that support business growth
  • Maximum wireless coverage and performance guarantee
  • Always works as "Issue Finder" to advise client the weakness of the network and how to make improvement

No Extra Cost on Tools

  • Multiple countries and cities support
  • No investment of tools. Are are ready in-the-box with faster installation
  • Experts in AP allocation to avoid wasted budget on unused licences & hardware
  • Years of experience in high-performance WiFi for large scale warehouse,  office and manufacture plan


Survey Support

Survey Software

BROCENT provides  the AirMagnet, Chanalyzer Wi-Spy Dbx, and Ekahau Pro WiFi survey software to avoid investment waste



As a predictive survey, BROCENT provides the TRIPOD to simulate the way of hooking the AP and its coverage

Access Point

Access Point

BROCENT Provides various brand/model wireless AP to support on predictive survey and simulation of WiFi coverage

Survey Surface

Survey Surface

BROCENT equips the Pad and Sidekick for certified technician to easily deliver the continuous active and passive onsite survey


Perform a wireless site survey, using the EKAHAU or AIRMAGNET Site Survey application to discover the key parameters inside your wireless network. Employees are using wireless network more and more, that demands high scalability and stability of the wireless backbone. A quality and secure network paves the way for cloud access to those application resources from public cloud and hybrid network.

Measure and Detect the RF signals

View the Wi-Fi data rates &Co-channel Interference

Discover any hidden access points

Indicate noise levels in the wireless network

Quick view of the Signal strength coverage

Analyze per access point, SSID or channel

The Countries for Wireless Survey

You can edit text on your website by double clicking on a text box on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box a settings menu will appear. your website by double clicking on a text box on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box. For most Asia countries, the survey hourly rate ranges:

WIFI Survey in China

Passive survey in Shanghai and Hong Kong to identify the network coverage and interference. Ekahau Sidekick is being used to collect and analyze the 2.4/5GHZ network and spectrum information.

WIFI Survey in Jakarta

Passive Survey in Jakarta Indonesia to detect the CISCO wireless network's weakness and network signal coverage issue, and output the analysis and remediation plan.

WIFI Survey in Singapore

EKAHAU passive wireless survey with SURFACE pad and compatible adapter for 3500 square meter office premise in short turn around to prepare for large event.

WIFI Survey in South Korea

Predictive Survey for a Fortune 500 large warehouse to facilitate the ARUBA wireless design by using EKAHAU, Tripod and Surface-go. Total 12K square meter and 69 access points.


 Brocent delivers the managed wireless network service in cooperation with UBNT and MERAKI. This enables the wireless network as service. Customers no longer need to invest on any wireless infrastructure. This saves the management effort on hardware and system maintenance, and reduces the expense on Capex.

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Knowledge and Experience on Successful Projects

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Support YPO to perform Passive wireless network survey in Singapore to identify the 3 floors wireless network performance, and propose improvement to make sure the 2018 Event's success.

Tools: Air Magnet Survey Toolset

Deliver wireless passive survey for Robert Walter Post in Hong Kong and Singapore to present client the visibility of wireless network's coverage with heat map.

Tools: Air Magnet Survey Toolset

Perform wireless survey for Mars' plants and office in Beijing and Guangzhou city to address the wireless network interference and performance so as to build up solid survey data model when implementing wireless network upgrade. 

Tools: Air Magnet Survey Toolset and Chanalyzer Wi-spy Dbx and Report builder

Setup managed UBNT wireless network for FLUID-O-TECH, and perform the active wireless survey to validate the wireless network's performance in coverage, strength and interference.

Tools: Ekahau Pro and Chanalyzer Wi-spy Wireless survey toolset

Access Point: UBNT AC PRO