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  • Enterprise Network Behavior Security and Network Security

    Focus on behavioral secaurity, perceive internal threats, and make the network visible and controllable
    Online behavior management has been comprehensively upgraded. Network behavior management promotes comprehensive management and control of user behavior security.
SERVICE Managed IT Service Network Behavior Control

Change in Demand

The IT architecture and security situation changed, and the internal threat index increased

Various information security threats follow

Risk of Leakage
Internet Risk
Access Risk
Risk of Leakage
Enterprise business informatization continues to deepen, and system stability and data security are becoming more and more important
Internal personnel leak confidential documents through USB disk copying, business data theft, network outsourcing, etc., and it is difficult to trace and determine the responsibility.
Internet Risk
The popularity of multi-cloud environments, the increase in Internet HTTPS traffic, and the increase in the difficulty of Internet monitoring
Internet bandwidth is often congested, employees use non-work-related applications during working hours, secretly send confidential documents, etc., and Internet logs are not audited in compliance with regulations
Access Risk
With the rise of mobile office and Internet of Things applications, access devices are diversified, network boundaries are gradually blurred, and the security status of network access terminals and the identity of users are unknown.
After the terminal is connected to the network, there is no control and control, which brings the risk of exposing the internal network, unauthorized data theft, and horizontal spread of viruses

Brocent can provide SANGFOR Network Behavior Management AC

Network behavior management supports the visual and controllability of terminals, applications, data and traffic on the entire network, intelligently senses internal risks such as terminal access violations, Internet violation behaviors, and sensitive data leakage, and realizes terminal access control, Internet access control, and data leakage control Integrated behavioral safety control.

Product function introduction

Sangfor network-wide behavior management AC series products include network-wide AC gateway equipment, internal threat management system ITM, and integrated terminal security client.
Linking product capabilities, through a complete closed-loop management and control solution for terminal access control, Internet access control, data leakage control, and insider threat perception, it helps users deal with behavioral security risks of internal personnel at all stages
Terminal Access Control

Terminal Access Control

Establish terminal network security specifications to reduce security risks and data leakage risks.

· Terminal discovery:
High-precision identification of terminal types, asset sorting and classification management of access terminals (PCs, cameras, IoT terminals, etc.)

· Access authentication:
Provides 802.1xPortal and other methods for identity authentication, adapting to various scenarios such as employee and guest access;

· Security check:
Check the security of the terminal before accessing the network, including whether the operating system patch is not updated, whether the anti-virus software is installed, etc.

· Terminal control:
Realize behavior authority control for network access terminals, including U disk management and control, anti-illegal outreach, etc.
Internet Control

Internet Control

Ensure the online norms and online experience, avoid violations of laws and regulations, and reduce online complaints

· Flexible flow control:
Support dynamic flow control to give full play to the value of bandwidth and ensure reasonable bandwidth allocation;

· Compliance audit:
The patented SSL audit technology is blessed, and the log is kept according to law, so as to achieve a comprehensive compliance audit without omission

· Fine control:
Based on the massive URL library and application rule library, the application segmentation action control is realized, and the online management and control specifications of enterprises are accurately matched
Data Leakage Control

Data leakage control

Establish data outgoing specifications, analyze risks, and prevent sensitive data leakage.

· Outgoing control:
Support network leak control and terminal leak control, and strictly block data leak paths.

· Data Audit:
Support multi-dimensional and comprehensive data outgoing audit based on network, business, and terminal, and clearly record the flow of enterprise data.

· Risk Analysis:
Linking ITM to realize outgoing risk analysis, intelligent identification and early warning of data leakage.

· Leak traceability:
Linked with ITM to achieve file similarity search, OCR image recognition and other traceability methods to meet the needs of accountability and evidence collection in multiple scenarios.

BROCENT also can provide Cisco Umbrella services

Cisco Umbrella provides secure access to the internet and usage of cloud apps everywhere

Get to know the new Cisco Umbrella

As a leading provider of recursive DNS services, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes and industries connect to the internet with confidence. We’ve built a reputation on easy deployment and powerful protection anywhere users work.

To help organizations embrace direct internet access, in addition to DNS-layer security and interactive threat intelligence, Cisco Umbrella now includes secure web gateway, firewall, and cloud access security broker (CASB) functionality, plus integration with Cisco SD-WAN, delivered from a single cloud security service.

Integrated cloud security service benefits

Flexible security protection on and off network

Consistent policies across remote locations

Better performance and user satisfaction everywhere

Multiple security functions in a single cloud security service

Cisco Umbrella’s security functions

DNS-layer security

Umbrella’s DNS-layer security provides the fastest, easiest way to improve your security. It helps improve security visibility, detect compromised systems, and protect your users on and off the network by stopping threats over any port or protocol before they reach your network or endpoints.

Secure web gateway

Umbrella’s secure web gateway logs and inspects web traffic for full visibility, URL and application controls, and protection against malware. 

Use IPsec tunnels, PAC files, or proxy chaining to forward traffic to our cloud-based proxy to enforce acceptable use policies and block advanced threats.


Umbrella’s firewall logs all activity and blocks unwanted traffic using IP, port, and protocol rules. To forward traffic, simply configure an IPsec tunnel from any network device. As new tunnels are created, policies are automatically applied for easy setup and consistent enforcement everywhere.

Cloud access security broker

Umbrella exposes shadow IT by providing the ability to detect and report on cloud applications in use across your organization. For discovered apps, view details on the risk level and block or control usage to better manage cloud adoption and reduce risk.

Interactive threat intelligence

Our unique view of the internet gives us unprecedented insight into malicious domains, IPs, and URLs. Available via a console and API, Umbrella Investigate provides real-time context on malware, phishing, botnets, trojans and other threats enabling faster incident investigation and response.

Integration with SD‑WAN

The Umbrella and Cisco SD‑WAN integration deploys easily across your network for powerful cloud security and protection against internet threats. Our integrated approach secures cloud access and efficiently protects your branch users, connected devices, and app usage from all direct internet access breakouts.

A secure fit for all businesses

Umbrella improves performance to SaaS apps by up to 33%

Umbrella delivers improved plus highly predictable performance.

An independent testing firm​ evaluated global traffic going through Umbrella compared with direct to internet with no security, testing access to popular SaaS apps across 25 cities.

In addition to Umbrella (with security protection) performing better than direct to internet, Umbrella also achieved higher performance consistency, a key factor in user satisfaction.

Our cloud security service advantage

Unmatched intelligence

Powered by Cisco Talos, one of the world’s largest commercial threat teams, Umbrella blocks malicious activity earlier, before it reaches your network or endpoints. Umbrella also uses statistical and machine learning models to uncover new attacks staged on the internet.

Reliable infrastructure

Highly resilient cloud infrastructure with 100% business uptime since inception in 2006. With carrier-neutral data centers globally, Umbrella delivers superior speed by peering with over 1,000 of the world’s top internet service providers.

Easy API integration

Umbrella offers APIs to more easily deploy and share intelligence and security event details with your security systems and workflows. Get more out of your existing investments and speed up incident response.

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