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    BROCENT understands the challenge of delivering the international hardware maintenance or global system deployment, where the hardware of the sets devices and parts shall be managed in a reliable way.
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BROCENT maintains country and core city based IT warehouse, where we store the spare parts for hardware maintenance, and it is purposed to deliver the quickest onsite IT support by BROCENT technician along with the Parts, and achieve the best customer experience.

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Security &Compliance

Each BROCENT warehouse is compliance through security audit, that is managed by HID DAC and CCTV. All properties are under insurance coverage.

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Stock Trail

No frustration of stock management. All our client's Parts are precisely managed well in BROCENT warehouse system, that can be easily tracked.

Handling Stock In/Out

BROCENT team works in the hub center to manage your inbound/outbound request, and update the warehouse tracking system for your quick review .

Import/Export License makes international shipment easier.

USD 100 per Pallet/Month

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Warehouse locates in where our clients are

Tokyo, JAPAN
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Guangzhou, CHINA
Shanghai, CHINA
Beijing, CHINA

When you would need local IT Warehouse _

Hardware Maintenance

As ASIA IT Service provider and partner, we helps international hardware maintenance partner storing the hardware and its parts into the regional warehouse.

Deployment &Staging

New system deployment in ASIA requires the international logistic to ship the hardware to each country and cities for staging and pre-configuration

Decommission &Recycling

ITAD is the program to decommission the outdated system, data erasure and green recycling. A local storage makes this easier before the recycling takes place.

Import and Export

BROCENT owns the import and export license in most countries and helps client to deal with importation and goods forwarding.

Stock Handling

BROCENT warehouse/parts management teams help client to handle the inbound/outbound request in English


All locally stored goods are covered by commercial insurance.


Warehouse premise is under CCTV and Door Access Control system protection 24 hours, 7 days.


Warehouse management system is in use to manage all stocked goods and logistic information. Client may easily to access and study the historical stock changes.

Have instant access to local storage /warehouse in each ASIA country and city makes business easily accountable.

Understand some frequently asked questions, and how we BROCENT supports our clients in ASIA.

The Warehouse & Storage