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Successful cases of MA Professional Warranty Service

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Asian Internet Customer Hardware Warranty Service

Author: Jack Zhang, AM Director of Brocent
Project Background

The client is a leading cloud service provider that helps customers with backup, disaster recovery, and hosting of production systems. The client's Cloud Intelligence services help enterprise customers choose the right cloud platform, planning and migration, and day-to-day cloud management for peak performance. They cover several different cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and their own PvDC cloud.

The Challenge

Customers have different makes and models of hardware in multiple locations (data centers) that are subject to expired vendor OEM warranties in the near future. After the warranty expires, it is difficult for the customer's operations and maintenance team to meet the business objectives of repairing and recovering from the failure, which can severely impact business continuity and stability. This does not only affect a single device or system, as each system is logically related to each other in the data center architecture design. When one device fails and is not supported by the OEM, its system failure will affect all other systems in the connection. In this case, failover and recovery of the associated systems can create tedious and time-consuming operations and maintenance tasks, increasing the total cost of ownership and operating costs.

The Solution

As a third-party hardware warranty provider, Brocent supports all major OEM technical support services, covering servers, storage and network equipment. This eliminates the need for customers to sign separate hardware maintenance and warranty service contracts with multiple vendors or service providers, and allows them to maintain and service all of their equipment with a single service provider. This facilitates automatic fault detection and convenient technical support for customers with a single warranty service contract with Buxom across multiple system warranty end dates; this allows customers to pay once per year and not have to manage the warranty status of each device month by month.

Features and results

Simplified data center hardware warranty maintenance contracts provide a better experience for customers. With the customer's equipment under a unified warranty contract, the customer's O&M team can be freed from the multiple and tedious tasks of daily hardware warranty service tracking and technical liaison, and will be more focused on core system operations and maintenance to provide best-in-class service to its customers.

 The [Z1] service offerings include, hardware spare parts support, and L2-3 technical support services.