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  • Microsoft Teams Business Phone Systems

    Create a business phone system with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling and a cloud-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX). Replace phone lines and analog, on-premises systems with a cloud-based system and get PBX capabilities without complicated and expensive equipment.

Microsoft Teams AV Solution - Business phone systems
Landing Voice System in China and APAC Countries
Business phone systems

Basic understanding and introduction of Microsoft Teams 

· Fastest-growing business application in Microsoft's history.

· According to the US Stock Research Institute, as of November 2019, the daily active users of 
   Teams increased by 54% to more than 20 million.

· Less than three years after launch, more than 500,000 companies in 181 countries around 
   the world use Teams.

· Many foreign companies in China have also begun to deploy Teams
Teams Business phone

The Microsoft Teams APP is similar with WeChat but  richer

· Chat: Private or group chat.

· Teams group: Team group are collections of people, conversations, files, and tools that enable teams group to communicate and collaborate efficiently.
· Meetings: Includes audio, video, and desktop sharing.
· Calling conversation: Support computers and mobile devices to make or receive calls, and users can make one-to-one or one-to-many calls.
· Files: Download files from a PC or cloud storage account, share files with team members, and edit files collaboratively with multiple people. Links can also be shared or sent to members outside the organization via SharePoint.
· Live: Captioning: Makes Teams members more inclusive, allowing people who are deaf or hard of hearing and speak different languages to join meetings.
·Custom Background: You can customize the background during video chat
· Live Captioning: Makes Teams members more inclusive, allowing people who are deaf or hard of hearing and speak different languages 
​​to join meetings.
·Intelligent tracking of wrriten content: The Teams rooms can use Microsoft's latest intelligent caputure processing algorithm to capture, focus, adjust and enhance pictures and text on the whiteboard, so that remote participants can also early sse the contect of the whiteboard in real time

Examples of Teams features

Teams have more applications

Microsoft Teams

Custom Background

Business phone systems

Live Captioning

Teams Business phone

Intelligent tracking of wrriten content

What BROCENT can support you? - on Teams Business phone systems

When going out through SIP line, you can choose cloud SBC, no need for post-maintenance and one-time investment
DID Number

• Keep current DID numbers

• Apply new DID numbers

• SIP /E1 /PSTN Connection

• China City number  

• Internation City number

Phone System

• Greeting IVR

• Extensions 

• Call forward 

• Call recording 



• Certified SBC

• Compatible SBC

• On Premise

• Cloud Hosted


• Teams Configuration


• Certified SBC 

• Compatible SBC 

• On Premise

• Cloud Hosted

Direct Routing with phone line
• SIP linesSIP lines
• E1/PSTN lines
• Multi-channel lines
Direct Routing with IPPBX or PBX
• With IPPBX
• With PBX
Other Application Scenarios
• Media bypass

Solution for Real Cases

Customer Request:

Direct Routing with Phone Lines

Direct Routing with SIP lines Solutions

Teams + SBC + SIP

• This gives you the ability to port and use existing telephone numbers, purchase new numbers and route these numbers to your Microsoft Teams for Business clients & desk phones.

• You can use current SIP lines, or we can help you to apply for new SIP lines. Registering SIP lines to Equiinet Cloud SBC.

•After all configurations done, you can:

1. Use teams client to call out.
2. Use teams client to answer calls.
Microsoft Teams Business phone
Business phone systems

Teams + SBC + PSTN/30B+D


Team + SBC + SIP Line

Teams Business phone