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    7x24 exclusive cloud  support services


     Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, AWS, AZURE

24 x 7 Cloud Infrastructure Maintenance

BROCENT Cloud &Infrastructure Service delivers the Managed Cloud Maintenance Service, as the extended Cloud Expert Crews working on the scoped parameters,7days and 24 hours. 

Essential Cloud Service Vectors 

Managed Service


Support Coverage


Emergency Response Time

30 Mins

Urgent Response Time

2 Hours

Standard Response Time

4 Business Hours

AWS Resources Auto Discovery

AWS Resources Management

Operating System Management

Application Server Management

Database Management

Auto Scaling Policy Management

Scheduled Server Start/Stop

AWS Resource Monitoring

Utilization Threshold Monitoring

Web Endpoint Availability Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring

Extended Retention Period


Scheduled Daily Backup

Recovery Drill


Scheduled Cross Region Backup Copy

Cost Optimization




Utilization Report

Identity and permission management

Audit Trail

Configuration management

Security Group Management

Anti-virus Management

DDoS Resiliency Management

Web Application Firewall Management (WAF)

SSL Certificate Management

Critical Security Patching

Annual Operating System Patching

Technical Update

Incident Review

Multiple Cloud Strategy

Chief Cloud Architect considers of building up the Multiple-Cloud Strategy, that leverages the various technologies to achieve the best system availabilities, and it is also an agile solution of optimizing the cost and IT expense.

BROCENT supports to design and setup the Enterprise IT infrastructure in multiple cloud infrastructure and DevOps. Consult our Service Manager to understand how the Multiple Cloud Strategy helps clients in boosting the ROI.

Managed Service Severity Level Definitions

Severity LevelDefinitionResponse
S1A problem that severely impacts your use of the software in a production environment (such as loss of production data or in which your production systems are not functioning). The situation halts your business operations and no procedural workaround exists.Emergency
S2A problem where the software is functioning but your use in a production environment is severely reduced. The situation is causing a high impact to portions of your business operations and no procedural workaround exists.Urgent
S3A problem that involves partial, non-critical loss of use of the software in a production environment or development environment. For production environments, there is a medium-to-low impact on your business, but your business continues to function, including by using a procedural workaround. For development environments, where the situation is causing your project to no longer continue or migrate into production.Standard
S4A general usage question, reporting of a documentation error, or recommendation for a future product enhancement or modification. For production environments, there is low-to-no impact on your business or the performance or functionality of your system. For development environments, there is a medium-to-low impact on your business, but your business continues to function, including by using a procedural workaround.Standard

Cloud Service Consultant

My name is Wilson - Multi-Cloud Transform Consultant,21years experience in the consulting service. Please feel free to contact me for consulting any Cloud Service in terms of cloud migration, consolidation, digital cloud synergy, cloud security governance etc. You may drop me an email to accounts@brocent.com.

BROCENT supports Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud - CVM

Elastic computing

On Tencent Cloud, you can quickly increase or decrease the number of CVMs within minutes to meet rapidly changing business needs. By defining policies, you can ensure that the number of CVM instances used scales seamlessly during periods of peak demand, ensuring program availability. Automatically fall back during periods of flat demand to save costs.

Diversified configuration

CVM offers many types of instances, operating systems, and packages. The CPU, memory, hard disk, and bandwidth in each instance can be flexibly adjusted to meet the resource needs of your application. At the same time, Tencent Cloud Market provides third-party images and software for you to choose from.

Stable and reliable

CVM provides 99.975% service availability and 9 9s data reliability. The cloud hard disk with three-copy storage strategy, mature network virtualization technology and network card binding technology, and data centers above T3 level jointly ensure the high availability of data and services.

Simple to manage

Users have CVM administrator accounts and have full control over CVM. You can log in to your CVM instance using tools such as Tencent Cloud console, API or CLI, and perform important operations such as network configuration changes and restarts. In this way, managing CVM is easy As easy and convenient as managing your computer

Secure network

Users have CVM administrator accounts and have full control over CVM. You can log in to your CVM instance using tools such as Tencent Cloud console, API or CLI, and perform important operations such as network configuration changes and restarts. In this way, managing CVM is easy As easy and convenient as managing your computer

Comprehensive protection

CVM provides free basic host security protection and basic DDoS protection capabilities to help enterprises build a server security protection system, solve the main network security risks faced by current servers, prevent data leakage, and meet your daily security operation needs

BROCENT Supports Alibaba Cloud - ECS

ECS (Elastic Compute Service) is an elastic and scalable cloud computing service that helps you reduce IT costs, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, and allow you to focus more on core business innovation. Help you choose the most suitable configuration scheme


Availability of single instance reaches 99.975%, availability of multi-zone and multi-instance reaches 99.995%, and reliability of cloud disk reaches 99.9999999%, which can realize automatic downtime migration and snapshot backup


Supports the creation of 1,000 instances at the minute level. Various flexible payment options are more in line with the current business situation, and at the same time bring flexible expansion capabilities. Instances and bandwidth can be upgraded and configured at any time

High Security

Provide free DDoS protection, Trojan killing, anti-brute force cracking and other services, through multi-party international security certification, ECS cloud disk supports data encryption function

High Performance

Single instance can choose up to 128vCPU, 1TB memory, single instance performance can reach up to 24 million PPS network first packets, 80Gbps bandwidth

Ease of use

Rich operating systems and application software can be easily deployed with one click through images, and the same image can quickly replicate the environment in multiple ECSs for easy expansion


ECS can be seamlessly connected with Alibaba Cloud's various cloud products, and can continuously provide complete computing, storage, security and other solutions for business development

BROCENT Supports Amazon EC2

Secure and resizable compute capacity to support virtually any workload

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web cloud service that provides resizable cloud server/host computing capacity. Amazon EC2 cloud services are designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers.

Elastic Web-Scale Computing

With Amazon EC2 cloud servers, you can increase or decrease capacity in minutes instead of hours or days. You can manage one, hundreds, or even thousands of server instances simultaneously. Of course, because this is all controlled through the Web Services API, your application can automatically scale up and down based on its own needs.

Fully Control

You have full control over your cloud server/cloud host instance. You have root user access to each instance and can interact with them like any other machine. You can stop a running instance while saving data on the boot partition, and then restart the instance using the web service API. Instances can also be restarted remotely using the web service API. You can also access the output of the instance console

Flexible Cloud Hosting Services

There are a variety of cloud server/host instance types, operating systems, and software packages to choose from. With Amazon EC2, you can choose the ideal configuration of memory, CPU, instance store, and boot partition size for the operating system and application of your choice. For example, optional operating systems include many Linux distributions and Microsoft Windows Server.

Designed For other AWS

Amazon EC2 cloud servers work with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), and Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) to provide complete compute, query processing, and storage solutions for a variety of applications Program.


Amazon EC2 cloud servers provide a highly reliable environment in which alternate instances can be launched quickly and predictably. The service runs on Amazon's proven network infrastructure and data centers.


Relying on a scale infrastructure, Amazon EC2 cloud server / cloud hosting service can bring you Amazon's economies of scale. You pay very little for the computing capacity you actually consume.


Provide secure computing for your applications. Security is built into the foundation of Amazon EC2 using the AWS Nitro system.


Optimize performance and cost with flexible options like AWS Graviton-based instances, Amazon EC2 Spot instances, and AWS Savings Plans.


Easily migrate and build applications with AWS Migration Tools, AWS Managed Services, or Amazon Lightsail. Learn how AWS can help you.

"We built up the Azure File Share, and run our hybrid file share service, that enables the flexibility of employee's WFH capabilities."

BROCENT Support Microsoft Azure

Accelerate to Deploy Cloud Applications

Build and deploy powerful web and cloud applications and services in minutes with Azure Cloud Services. Use Azure cloud services to keep applications available and redirect traffic from problematic instances to healthy instances. Once the application is deployed, Azure will handle the rest, from provisioning to load balancing. Your applications are backed by an industry-leading 99.95% Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Azure Cloud Service

Create highly available and infinitely scalable cloud applications and APs

Build web and cloud applications to suit your needs using the many languages we support. Leverage cloud services to simplify application management while ensuring high availability. Automatically scale environments based on demand and reduce costs. Automate operating system and application updates for increased security. Take advantage of integrated health monitoring and load balancing. Focus on the application rather than the underlying cloud infrastructure.

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A highly available and massively scalable platform for your applications and APIs. Accelerate application deployment

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Automatically scale cloud environments to optimize costs and improve performance

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Integrated health monitoring and load balancing including dashboards and real-time alerts

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Get a great development experience with the Azure SDK seamlessly integrated with Visual Studio