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Successful cases of managed IT outsourcing services
Successful cases of managed IT outsourcing services

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Thailand IT service

Author: Renee Zheng, South China AM of BROCENT
Project background

The client is a global operating company that produces specialty chemicals for the leather industry and related industries. The tannery provides innovative products and solutions for leather processing companies and coating machines, and has been committed to bringing fresh ideas to the market. With the development of customers' business in China and Asia and opening up the Chinese market through the acquisition of other chemical enterprises, the it demand is also growing. Customers urgently need an IT service provider in Chinese Mainland that provides rapid response and sufficient technical engineers to provide on-site service support. When the customer manager of Brcocent received the consultation, the customer was in the critical period of acquisition. After several rounds of communication and a deep understanding of the number of users and the coverage of supported regions, the customer's it received the complete plan of the customer manager of Brcocent within two days, so it did not need to wait too much.


When the customer found Brcocent, it was in the key closing stage of the acquisition business. IT department was required to provide the site details of the acquired company, including the workstation diagram, computer room settings and network point settings. In this critical period, customers need a trustworthy and reliable service provider who can provide professional advice on it services and be familiar with local conditions. Brcocent has rich delivery experience in most cities in Chinese Mainland, is familiar with the IT architecture and corporate culture of the chemical industry, and accurately and quickly captures the needs of customers. After the establishment of the cooperation relationship, with the flexible and agile delivery capability of bosun, it will provide rapid response.


At the initial stage of the project, due to the fact that the customer's it principal was in Hong Kong, during the acquisition phase, the information handover between the acquirer and the acquiree was hindered, and there was not much left before the day when it services were taken over. However, the customer's it principal was unable to go to the site to understand the situation in the face of the travel restrictions of the epidemic. As the most loyal and professional partner of customers, with professional knowledge and rich delivery experience in Chinese Mainland, Brcocent has customized a site survey template for customers. Careful engineers always think first for customers at the service delivery site, collect more effective and real data for customers within the maximum feasible range, and submit it to the Brcocent technical support team for sorting.

In terms of assisting it principals in Hong Kong to find suitable resident engineers, with its strong human resources recruitment team and its familiarity and sensitivity to China's talent market, Brcocent searches and recommends suitable talents for customers in its own human resources pool. The recruitment cycle is short, the talent quality and budget are within a reasonable range, and special personnel are arranged to provide two-to-one services with customers. Necessary pre job training shall be carried out before engineers take up their posts, so as to achieve rapid induction and rapid adaptation to the customer's enterprise environment and reduce the burden on customers.


Brcocent Asia helps customers provide one-stop IT management services in Chinese Mainland and Thailand, including DSS support for desktop computer EUC and on-site l1.5 support for the network. The Brcocent management service desk team accepts customers' service requests, manages the quality of service delivery process, and provides customers with a measurable end-to-end on-site service experience.

In the delivery process, the features of Brcocent service products are: multi language technical support, cross Asian regional integration technical support, one point intervention and multi-point coverage. [Z1] 


With the company and help of Brcocent, the IT business handover between the two companies caught up with the set handover date, and everything went smoothly.

[z1] service products include FTE on-site service and token adhoc billing on-site support service.