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    Address Client Concern of Data backup onsite/offsite 


USD 298  for Basic Preventive Backup Maintenance Plan.

Cloud Managed Backup Solution Does Not Cost Much, Lacking of Backup Plan will Lose a Lot.

It’s not an overstatement to say that with no data, you have no business – and the cost of downtime can be huge. From lost orders and revenue to reputational damage and regulatory fines, it can be incredibly difficult to stay in business after a disaster should you have no plan in place.

A disaster can occur for any number of reasons, from scenarios such as fires, floods and cyber-attacks through to more common causes like accidental damage, software failure and human error.

In addition, it’s now a GDPR requirement for businesses to have appropriate measures in place to restore access to personal data, so it’s never been more relevant to take control of your business continuity management.

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On-Premise Data Backup 

Manage all business data's backup for all on-premise server and system including file server, email server, account system data base, intranet system and so on.

Data Backup into Cloud

Have all your business data in the cloud IAAS environment consolidated to backup into on-premise storage or backup into another cloud IAAS storage.

Backup Media Offsite Storage

Keep all business data backup media (e.g., tapes, hard disk) safely stored in the third party data warehouse, and make sure backup media in a healthy status for BCP purpose.


BROCENT SOC Team design and setup the cloud managed data backup plan to have local backup policy and cloud backup plan , that is to meet the Recovery Time Objective, and to ensure the Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Based on the backup solution, BROCENT SCC and NOC team delivers the continuous monitoring and incident response service to address every single of failure from backup schedule, and work closely with customer to perform the periodically data recovery drill to make sure the Backup Integrity.

Business Contingency Plan

Business Contingency Plan

BROCENT supports to define the business contingency plan (BCP) that covers the strategy and methodology of data backup and disaster recover in respect to RTO &RPO.

Cloud Managed Backup

Online Data Backup

BROCENT setup the online backup program for those application &data in the cloud to realize the "Inter-Cloud" data redundancy and recoverability. This is driven by automation tools with real time alert and operational dashboard.
Managed data backup service

Managed Data Backup Service

BROCENT setup the preventive backup maintenance plan to ensure the data backup's reliability and accuracy. A predefined 24 x 7 monitor of backup job and supervision by data management specialist.

Preventively Managed Cloud Backup Plan

Data backup plan may fail due to the program or storage issue. To preventively check the backup outcome and to take the correction actions so as to resume the backup service appears critical for the business. BROCENT SCC/NOC teams work 24 hours, 7 days to monitor the scheduled task and take responsive action to address incidents.

Protect Critical System &Data

All business data are organized into routine data backup plan with regularly restoration test.

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24×7 monitoring and management

All backup job and logs are nested into the daily real-time monitoring process. NOC react quickly whenever this is issue

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Replicate data in real-time

The business data is being protected by on-premise backup plan, and is extended to replicate into cloud in real-time.

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Regular Recovery Drill

Backup plan runs well, while data recovery drill is to make sure all backup data's integrity and recoverability

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Standardize the Data Management

No casual backup practice is permitted so as to avoid loss management on business data's consistency. 

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Preventive On-going Support

Once data backup plan is setup, BROCENT NOC monitors the backup service and manages them 24 x 7.

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Microsoft Azure Backup
CloudBerry Lab
Acronis Cyber Cloud

Data Backup Professional Service

Backup plan varies from the customer's IT infrastructure and data storage. A combination of backup solution helps it out identify the best and cost efficient solutions

BDR Solution

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Automated Backup Plan

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Image Level Backup

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Data Restoration Drill

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Multiple Platform backup

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Backup into Cloud

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Inter-cloud Backup

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On-premise Backup

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24 x 7 Backup Preventive Monitoring Service

Pay as you you. No need to invest extra data management engineer and system to manage your Data backup plan. When any incidents of Data backup is identified, BROCENT NOC /SCC team will alert client to take remediation/corrective plan after receiving the customer approval.