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Successful cases of managed IT outsourcing services
Successful cases of managed IT outsourcing services

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FTE Service in China

Author: Wilson Liu, Sales of BROCENT China
Project Background

The client is a high-tech multinational group of companies, one of the top 500 companies in the world, with four core specialties: Aerospace Propulsion, Aerospace Equipment, Defense-Security and Communications. The group employs 62,000 people in more than 30 countries worldwide. Client's Location:

  • Chaoyang District, Beijing
  • Suzhou Development Zone

The Challenge

Beijing office:
- Original IT staff left
- In-house IT workload was insufficient to support a full-time IT staff
- Interviewed several candidates from IT companies, all of whom were not competent enough

Suzhou office/factory:
- IT outsourced personnel were not competent enough
- Insufficient training from outsourcing company
- Poor management of IT outsourcing company


On-site meeting with the client to understand in detail the client's requirements for technical skills/language skills of IT staff.
Account manager with proficient English/French skills accompanied engineer to visit Beijing office manager, made company introduction and arranged interview.
Arrange for engineers to participate in regular technical training and assessment after the engineer is onboarded in Suzhou. Communicate regularly with clients to confirm the total work deficiencies and the next phase of training plan.
Communicate with expatriate IT staff regularly and organize group building to deliver company values. Let the expatriate staff feel the company culture and the company value.

Features and achievements

Full-time on-site expatriate is not a case of sending the staff to the customer site and then letting them go. The performance, words and deeds of the expatriate staff at the client site reflect the value and culture of the IT company. Due to the uniqueness of their work, expatriate employees are prone to alienation and even blurred identity, which can seriously affect the relationship between the outsourcing company and the client. Buxun understands the stakes, FSS/HR/AMS departments will keep close contact with the expatriate engineers, daily WeChat interaction, holiday gifts, regular training and group building to ensure the expatriate staff can feel the warmth of the company and will be passionate to provide more efficient services to customers.

 The [Z1] service products include, FTE resident service, token ADHOC billing on-site support service.