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IT Asset Disposal Services

IT Asset Disposal Services

A proper IT asset disposal program protects company information and the brand

Technology is evolving rapidly and refresh cycles are shrinking. As a result, the process of IT asset disposition (ITAD) is more complex and introduces significant business risk for you and your organization.

A properly designed IT asset disposition program is one that meets all of your disposal needs while maximizing retired asset value in a secure, efficient and environmentally-friendly manner. Iron Mountain offers Secure e-Waste and IT Asset Disposition, with proper logistics and secure chain-of-custody methods to ensure compliance, security and sustainability for all of your products.

E-Waste Recycling

Make the E-waste recycling process in a compliant way. All must be environment protection  and compliance in local regulation

Hard Drive and Tape Destruction

Data wiping using BLANCCO or punching hole to destruct the disposed hard disk for servers, computers and backup tapes

IT Asset Remarketing

Customer may not need those disposed IT asset. BROENT hardware maintenance team helps to sell the functional devices for customers

IT Asset Life Cycle Management

BROCENT resource supply chain management team delivers the BoM design, procurement, delivery, upgrade, warranty renewal and refresh.


BROCENT helps client destroy and recycle or repurpose numerous IT equipment types with reliable, environmentally-friendly and secure services.

IT Asset Disposal Services


BLANCCO provides tamper-proof reports to meet security and regulatory compliance requirements. It supports the data erasure for Smartphones, Laptops, Loose Drives, Servers and More


BROCENT operates the IT managed support program in every Asia countries, and only authorized ITAD contractor will be employed to deal with it.

Data Erasure

In a IT decommission project, it happens often that data in the storage e.g., hard disk and tapes is required to erase before the recycling. BROCENT uses the BLANCCO (a commercial solution) or DBAN (a open source solution) to perform the data erasure with the proof of erasure report.

Storage Component Destruction

Data erasure is made on software level. However, in some highly classified industries e.g., bank, investment firm, BROCENT helps client to make the physical destruction (punch hold, shredding etc.) The whole process is recorded by CCTV. A complete process of destruction is accounted into report with Serial number, Photo and video. This service supports both onsite and offsite destruction.


Full Audit Trail

Every asset receives a tag and bar code which is logged in our system, available to clients through our unique web portal.

On/Off Site Erasure

We offer data destruction onsite and at our secure processing facility in China, Hong Kong, Japan  and Singapore etc.

Fully Vetted Personnel

All our employees are compliance at DBS checked and security vetted to government standards. They strictly enforce the standard process.

Dedicated Collections

We offer dedicated point to point collections, The vehicle is constant in transit no stopping until it returns to our secure facility.

Erasure Certificates

We provide data destruction certificates at no extra cost, Each certificate is uniquely tied to each asset by its serial number.

Support Most Asia Countries

BROCENT offers a single point of contact managing the ITAD for most ASIA countries e.g., office, manufacture plan, sales office, warehouse etc.

IT Asset disposition supports 1 set of hard disk up to the large scale of disposal process either in the data center environment or enterprise on-premise environment. 

When it comes to your ITAD needs, you may contact BROCENT ITAD solution consultant to study the general process and technical proposal.


Data Center

You might be cloud platform supplier, or you may have hosted dozens of physical servers or storage in different data centers. when the devices come to the end of life cycle,  a large scale of storage or tape have to be disposed in a compliance way.

Enterprise on-Premise Storage

You may have local on-premise server, NAS storage and/or data backup tape drive. After completely moving to the cloud, your local storage (e.g., hard disk, flash disk or backup tapes), they shall be disposed in a compliance way to avoid data leakage.