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Successful cases of MA Professional Warranty Service

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OFFICE 365 Deployment Services

Author: Jack Zhang, AM Director of Brocent
Project Background

The client lacked an internal collaboration system, relying instead on a third-party email service and manual collaboration. They spent hours coordinating meetings and events, struggling to support their employees' IT needs, and inefficiently managing customer email communications across multiple devices.  In 2020, the client began looking for a solution that would transform the way they do business.  They enlisted the help of BROCENT to deploy a cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 solution to solve their collaboration and IT management problems.

The Challenge

The customer chose BROCENT because they felt that BROCENT did a more thorough and better prepared technical analysis and project solution than other companies.  BROCENT's experience with Office 365 deployments allowed the customer to seamlessly migrate their existing email service to a complete cloud-based collaboration platform without interrupting daily processes. Deploying a familiar but more efficient solution helped reduce downtime and simplify the complexity of system usage for users within the company. 

Features and Results

With the help of the BROCENT team and Microsoft Office 365, especially using email and TEAMS messaging capabilities, the customer has significantly improved the efficiency of their internal communications. They spend less time scheduling meetings and more time with their customers. With the use of TEAMS, they can conduct meetings and chats via video messaging and audio conferencing, which do not require them all to be physically present. These easy-to-use tools make employees feel like a unified team, even if they are spread across different countries and cities. TEAMS messaging allows remote access to end-user desktops, resulting in improved identification and faster resolution of technical support and business process issues. With Office 365, BROCENT empowers customers to operate with greater productivity, collaboration and efficiency. 

 The [Z1] service offerings include, Microsoft 365, Migration Wizard, LENOVO, Crestron, Logitech , hardware spare parts support, and L2-3 technical support services.