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  • Hardware Maintenance - Recycling

    Asset Inventory, Recycling, IT Asset Disposal - the whole life cycle of IT asset management.
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SERVICE Hardware Maintenance

IT Recycling

BROCENT delivers the environmental commitment of recycling service, and manage to reuse all the components that can be reused. BROCENT IT Recycling offers free IT asset management. We have years of experience in the field of IT equipment disposal.


BROCENT IT recycling and disposal for all kinds of old computers, redundant IT equipment and electronic…


Secure IT disposal  is to book a collection and perform the onsite/offsite disposal process with certificate


Save energy from the aged equipment, and reduce further the CO2 emission

7 Years Expertise in Recycling Service 

 Extending the life cycle of IT equipment by maintaining, reusing and recycling  is a direct carbon gain, and you can save up to 60% of CO2 emissions. The main purpose of  hardware disposal services is to generate value from used IT equipment, creating a sustainable solution for the reuse of IT spare parts, and invest all remaining return to new technology into new technology and alternative solutions.

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With the industrial trend of transitioning to the cloud, the on-premise outdated IT assets such as servers, network devices, hard drives, network storage, and other data center equipment, BROCENT aligns with government authorized recycling company to provide a secure and environment friendly data disposal service covering the IT inventory, un-rack, packing, movement, disposal and certificate.

IT Asset Auditing

BROCENT uses the auditing software to manage all collected asset and information so as to provide the analysis and tracing information to client.

Data Destruction Service

BROCENT provides the data destruction, erasure and shredding service to our client. That service can be delivered onsite/offsite.


Once the whole process of recycling is complete, BROCENT provides complete details of the disposed devices.

More Hardware Maintenance Service

Secure Data Disposal

Following the ITAD policy from the municipality, BROCENT supports client to dispose critical IT devices & data.

Hardware Relocation

BROCENT Cargo service supports client to un-rack, pack, moving, insurance and installation

Hardware Rental

It is the need of hardware rental to meet the business needs in peak time. Rental service helps client save CAPEX

Annual  Recycling Scale
​ISO 9001: 2015 - ISO 14001: 2015 for Quality and Environmental Protection


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Hong Kong &Taiwan





Our Clients

I was pleasantly surprised to have Brocent recycle my old spare parts, not only to get rid of the useless hardware, but also to invest all remaining return to new technology and alternative solutions. Data security is also ensured without the fear of important business information being leaked due to the random disposal of spare parts.