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"Ensuring IT Excellence with Premium DIamond-Level Service"

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  • Resource Management Platform:  We manage all regional resource in 96 deliverable cities.
  • Service Operation Team:  They have professional qualification certificates and experience.
  • Service ToolsService Desk, Monitoring Tools, Parts Management, Resource Control and Tracking.
  • Know-how:  We specialize on Service Offering and Delivery for International Customer
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Independent IT Managed Service Provider

BROCENT is an IT Managed Service and Solution Provider. BROCENT differentiates his value by delivering Responsive Service, High Technology, WorldWide Service Coverage and Cost Efficient IT Plan.


Experience in Retail, Finance and Manufacturing

  • Worldwide Service Coverage
  • Regional Parts & Warehouse
  • 24 x 7 Service Desk Support
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • 16+ Years Industrial Experience

BROCENT, an IT Managed Service Provider with presence in Asia, EMEA and USCA, leverages a distinctive “Platform + Service” approach, powered by Big Data and AI, to offer comprehensive IT support and maintenance across numerous Asian countries and cities. This strategy not only enhances the return on IT investments for our clients but also minimizes their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

With a robust team of over 256+ IT service management professionals, BROCENT’s Service Command Center (SCC) and Network Operation Center (NOC) oversee more than 1,500 certified engineers. These engineers adeptly manage a wide array of IT requests, incidents, and system alerts, ensuring the smooth operation of over 600,000 systems daily.

Our management framework for IT Managed Outsourcing services empowers clients to select optimal IT infrastructure solutions following thorough IT assessments and audits. This process boosts operational efficiency, fortifies competitive technological edges, and enhances IT management effectiveness, security, and accountability. Ultimately, it aligns with our clients’ business management aspirations and contingency planning.

At BROCENT, we are committed to providing end-to-end IT service infrastructure. Our service teams support clients throughout the entire IT lifecycle—from planning and construction to ongoing management, improvement, and innovation. We aim to deliver tangible, positive outcomes for IT investments, backed by our highly qualified team of technical experts.


Established in 2007

BROCENT was founded in 2007. Over 15 years, We are extending the IT managed support service in most Asia, EMEA &US countries

256+ Engineers

We are a technical centric team - very focus on high quality IT service &solution delivery. 256+ engineers render the quickest onsite and remote support


24 x7 Help Desk as the Service Command Center organizes all communications with clients and technical resource , and secures SLA and compliance

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Deliver the best service experience and quality in Asia, EMEA, USCA

Executive Power

Team Work

Employee Value

Customer Happy

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BROCENT premier worry-free IT managed service uses the RMM &PSA support tools i.e., Site 24 x 7, Manage Engine MSP Plus Help Desk and IT-GLUE shift age-old monitoring and maintenance routines from reactive to proactive, from passive to predictive, from manual to automated solution. 
  • Optimized IT performance: The proactive approach to IT management keeps your network and systems running at peak performance 
  • End-user support: with a professional, China-based service desk, Brocent will ensure your IT users have the fully qualified &professional service 
  • Cost-efficiency: save money on your IT management by leveraging Internal Ticketing &Monitoring systems, best-practice processes and resources 
  • Hassel Free: breathe easy knowing your IT environment is in good-hands with BROCENT IT Managed IT servi

At BROCENT, we are thinking to leverage manpower and modern technologies to uplift your productivity and to lower your investment on IT infrastructure and maintenance service. BROCENT Hypercare of managed IT services keep your IT running and your users supported, so you can focus on your IT strategy and growing your business, for that we stay in our long-term plan of establishing the regional service coverage and capabilities.
24 Hours, 365 Days

We see the importance of Client IT business continuity, so we are here at all times.

Responsive Support Plan

A quick solution to your computer problems anytime, anywhere

Qualification & Accredition

Efficient platform and management to provide you with the best service experience.