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    Support Client to Manage IT relocation, and avoid the nightmares associated with the physical IT move, that is ranging to un-rack the existing server and network devices, and make the de-installation and reinstallation to meet the project technical expectation of target go-live date and system resumption.
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Moving the overall IT premise (e.g., Office IT, Data Center IT etc) to another building, town, state, or country is more than just "Pack and Go". The whole process includes tremendous tasks and takes time away from your everyday responsibilities of strategic data management. BROCENT experts at preparing and handling sensitive equipment and use specialized, state-of-the-art equipment to move your mission-critical technology.

BROCENT technical experts can manage every detail of your data center relocation. BROCENT help you avoid the nightmares associated with the physical move. With services ranging from simply moving un-racked servers across the street to de-installation and reinstallation of enterprise architecture across ASIA, our engineers and logistics team understand the time-sensitive value of your business' data assets.


Moving IT infrastructure from premise office or data center needs thorough consideration and design to mitigate the business impact, and furthermore enhance the capacity of infrastructure in new office, that BROCENT provides hassle free low level design (LLD).


Business demands the appropriate office space to achieve the operational objective. Office expansions requires the feasible IT solution to extend the IT capability (e.g., internet, voice system, WIFI and so on.)


Brocent have completed more than 120 office IT setup as of today. Many of our clients are international from UK, US, Asia countries, that are looking to setup a branch office and open business in mainly in China and other Asia countries. We are specialist in office setup services supported by our team of expert project managers and fully certified engineers.

Usually it comes with high level design to outline the customer's requirements, and determines further the true technical delivery with low level design of break-down task list, technical design, resource, Bill of Materials (BoM), implementation plan and post-implementation on-going support plan.

No matter what it might come as back office, manufacture plant or small size of sales office, we are here listening and understanding your IT HQ requirement and technical expectation. In consideration of local practice and experience, a concrete technical proposal is worked out to facilitate your local decision on both budget and technical expectation.

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Our Clients


IT relocation is pivotal to the success of your business move. We understand that your IT and telecommunications systems are vital to your working day, so our experts will work with you to ensure a seamless move and minimal disruption and downtime for your business.

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BROCENT supports your IT relocation covering Computer, Network, Server &Storage, and Audio &visual system

Relocation Plan

  • Assign project manager

  • Dates & timeframes established

  • Manpower & activity coordination

  • Data Center Plan

  • Risk &Rollback plan

The Evaluation

  • Power requirements
  • AC and ventilation requirements
  • Network requirements
  • Equipment positioning &Rack layout
  • Moving schedule

IT Inventory 

  • Check IT Asset List
  • Review configuration and connections
  • Confirm Client ITA
  • Assess Business Impact
  • Define Move Priority and Resume plan

Un-rack &Pack

  • Verify asset tag
  • System admin power-off and Un-rack devices
  • Inventory validation
  • Pack with pack slip
  • Move and enable GPS trackers.


  • Bonded with the Professional Movers
  • Supervision of loading and unloading
  • Multiple Transit options
  • Special packaging for non-standard IT devices
  • Insurance validation

Rack &Stack

  • Inventory validation
  • Equipment positioning and installation
  • Operation verification
  • Error Diagnosis (if needed)
  • Connect system to network

Resume System

  • Execute resume plan
  • Power on by sequence
  • Network connectivity test
  • System accessibility test
  • Update the rack interior design, and update the IT Asset list

Validation &UAT

  • Review the relocation commission report
  • Review the relocation system test report
  • Review the updated IT asset inventory report 
  • Review user test case
  • Review time &material


Disconnect and Reconnect Services
Continuity of Operations
Vendor Management:
Relocation Consultant
Disconnect and Reconnect Services
  1. Covers entire IT infrastructure, including servers, storage, UPS, backup libraries, switches, routers, firewalls, and workstations.
  2. Work is performed on-site at both locations.
  3. Scheduling accommodates evening and weekend hours to keep customers operating without interruption during the business week.
Continuity of Operations
  1. Operations uptime plan to ensure minimum business impact on the client and its customers.
  2. Complete data backup and validation using client-provided backup systems.
  3. Assurance of application integrity.
  4. Network refresh service.
  5. Specialized relocation security audit.
Vendor Management:
  1. 仕入先評価を含む、代理店のレター。
  2. 引越会社との連携
  3. 電源アップグレードの管理。
  4. 新しいインターネット サービス プロバイダ (ISP) の選択
  5. データ/音声用のケーブル接続。
  6. コピー機サービス。
  7. オフィス家具ベンダーとの連携。
Relocation Consultant
  1. 移転計画とタイミング戦略。
  2. 施設計画: ライン ドロップ;サーバールームの構成と配置;電力に関する考慮事項。HVAC要件;インフラストラクチャのホスティングとテストを行います。
  3. 業務上の考慮事項: 一時的または新しい恒久的な在宅勤務を含む、作業者のアクセスの変更。移転ポリシー。新しい運用ポリシー。セキュリティ影響評価と計画ボイス オーバー IP (VOIP) 計画;ユニファイド メッセージングの統合。
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  1. Long-term business strategy planning
  2. Workflow and business process adjustment.
  3. New location network baseline blueprint.
  4. Existing and target system inventory and IT footprint reduction strategy.


We understand how valuable our client's time is, and indeed our client shall focus on critical business related. Working to plan and work specifically on IT relocation is very time consuming against the routine daily work.  BROCENT team works to support client design and commission the project and bring the value and know-how from 15+ years project experience.

General Inquiries
General Inquiries
What if moving a short distance? 

That is fine. Tech may arrange Van to relocate IT infrastructure.

I already have my tech. Why still need BROCENT manage it?

IT 管理サービスは、社内 IT の補助であり、IT サービスを不在時に継続します。

Can you do IT relocation inter cities?

Yes, BROCENT supports this.

What about insurance?

Usually the insurance overs 0.5% of total IT asset invoice value.

Can you come after 6pm or work in the weekend?

Yes, this is the common practice to avoid IT interruption over business.

Do you manage trucks your own?



Needs of Full time engineer in Asia?

Most clients do not want to hire an in-house IT support staff, or their demands do not warrant a full time IT guy. This is where BROCENT come in. We can be your outsourced technology support department and we can also be the back up for your in-house IT staff. Our team work on-site to ensure things are running smoothly, efficiently and securely. Your company may need us to come in on a weekly or monthly basis or just be on-call for unexpected emergencies.

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