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SERVICE Managed IT Service BROCENT Dedicated IT Engineer (PTE/FTE)


In the beginning of each IT service implementation, Brocent usually starts with understanding your business objectives, and how IT can be leveraged to deliver business results. A senior IT executive works with you to develop an overall IT strategy and project plan to align technology, processes, and people with your key business objectives. Outsourcing your entire IT environment will typically lower IT operating costs by 30%- 40% and deliver the following benefits:

Free your IT Headcount

Free up existing IT staff to focus on core business objectives and projects, and Provide depth and breadth of IT expertise with over 100+ certified staff, certified in 70 different disciplines

Reduce IT Disruption

Decreasing system outages and reduce the impact of any disruption with proactive monitoring and management and Improving overall IT system and staff operational efficiency

Optimize IT OPEX

Reducing IT capital expenditures making them operating expenses and Controlling IT budget by contracting for specific services and support, that can be managed in a flexible way.

Access Advanced IT Toolset

Accessing advanced IT toolsets and only paying for what you use and Reducing IT staff expenses by only paying for the tasks/skillsets you need when you need them


It takes one week to onboard Level 1 IT engineer. RSCM and Transition Service Officer supports you on interview, onboard plan, training, shadow plan and Timesheet.






With the business growth, it might drastically need the full time (or part time) onsite engineer supporting the IT operation in local Asia wide regions. They might be required to support back office, data center, manufacturing plants, warehouse from Level 1 EUC desktop level to L3 backline support. BROCENT offers the single point of contract, and deploys to multiple countries in Asia, and worry free from background verification, onboarding training, backfill plan, insurance an so on.

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

An NDA creates a confidential relationship between the parties, and protects commercial confidential documents/informations shared with each other. Making business cooperation smoother and safer.

Background Verification

Brocent verifies the validity of the engineer's background in accordance with procedures, to ensure the skill level and work ethics of the candidates, also to ensure a safer work environment and avoid any monetary or reputational loss.

Non Criminal Check

A criminal check is part of the background check process and a criminal record can be used to assess a person's loyalty and trustworthiness and ensure a safer work environment.

Consent Letter

In order to conduct background checks legally and to ensure that the person concerned is informed, using a consent letter that collects respondents signature and keeps proper record to prevent legal problems.

Engineer Onsite Behavior Qualification

Brocent regularly conducts internal evaluations of Engineer Onsite Behavior, scoring engineers on their behavior and ordering improvements if they are not doing a good job to ensure customer service satisfaction. When necessary, this internal score can also be shared with the customer.

Onboarding Training

The onboarding process includes collecting detailed personal information from the engineer for background checks, signing of internal NDA and other documents required for the project, and the TSO team convey project notes to the engineer to ensure successful completion of the service.

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Full time engineer is usually required to deliver the IT support in the IT Environment with more than 100 IT users and/or IT device. If you are smaller size of work group, you are not advised to consider of Full time engineer support. Instead, you may consider of 0.5 FTE, or Managed IT Support model, or ADHOC only.

Deskside Responsive Support

Daily Preventive DC Health Check

Complex Task, Continuous Service

Multiple Vendors Coordination


BROCENT manages 106+ IT engineer resource pool throughout Asia , that covers China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and so on. when the customer needs the IT talent, it will be primarily to choose the IT talent from the resource pool so as to shorten the lead time of service delivery, and meanwhile the RSCM team sources the qualified technician to fill the gap if the engineers in the resource pool can not meet the client's expectation.

L1 Desktop Support Engineer

L1 Desktop Support Engineers have basic knowledge of desktop and network and skill to troubleshoot a very basic issue like password reset, software installation / uninstallation / reinstallation, site survey.

L2 Desktop Support Engineer

L2 Desktop Support Engineer have more knowledge, more experience in solving related complex issues and can guide/help L1 Desktop Support folks job in troubleshooting.

IT Help Desk Executive

To ensure that the team operates in an orderly and effective manner to achieve the team's KPIs, allocate resources within the team, enhance the team's work efficiency and quality.

L2 Network Engineer

L2 Network Engineer executes with a high degree of success in integrating and/or solving problems in environments about Windows Server, Exchange, firewalls, backup and more, with CCNA / MSCE level of expertise to cover desktop and networking skills required for configuration, diagnostics and analysis.

System Engineer

Systems engineer will work together with project manager and the engineering crew, becomes the primary point of communication to interlink between the two to simplify the accomplishment of a successful system. Plan, validate and operate in the course of work with measurable risk assessments.

Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager is responsible for leading teams to deliver project(s) that span across one or more business units. Manage resources, schedules, financials and adhere to stage gate quality and SDLC control guidelines throughout the full systems development life cycle.

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