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    IT solutions in APAC we can prvodies 30 Minutes to the CENTRAL BUSINESS AREA 

    Managed APAC IT Support Team delivers REMOTE SUPPORT and FIELD SUPPORT to all major districts in

    Singapore, Tokyo, Guangzhou City, Shenzhen City, Hong Kong City and Macau city.


BROCENT provides the comprehensive IT Service Scope of Work (SOW), that is to present the service category, catalog and the capability of delivering the IT service for all customers in China, Singapore, Tokyo and any other Asia wide customers (almost can coverage for the IT solutions in APAC). Customer may easily find out the right service they are pursuing for their business needs.  The SOW covers the most common IT support content in premise environment, and is extending to IT service & support in the private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud.


Brocent team supports CISCO, JUNIPER, RIVERBED, AVAYA, HP and HUAWEI brands for the scope of Installation, Change, Upgrade and Replacement in 56 cities in ASIA.


Brocent team supports LENOVO, DELL, HP, APPLE MAC and FUJISU for the scope of OS Installation, System Upgrade, System Security Enhancement and IT Asset Disposal.


Brocent China team supports AZURE, ALI Cloud, BAIDU Cloud, AMAZON Cloud for the scope of Installation, System Deployment, Survey, Migration and Routine Support.


Brocent team supports Synology, NETAPP, EMC, AZURE, ALI Cloud for the scope of Installation, System Deployment, Survey, Migration and Routine Support.


APAC IT support


IT solutions APAC
A1-BFIX-Hardware Maintenance &Support

Provides hardware maintenance and support , covering the spare part, warehouse, IT asset disposal and backline support.

A2-BFIX-EUC Printing &Image devices

Provides the hardware and software maintenance for printer and image processing system. Also support leasing program in China, Hong Kong and Singapore

A3-BFIX-OS &Application Support

Provide the support service scope of operating system and application related technical activities, covering Microsoft, Linux and Mac OS

A4-BFIX- Server Application &Storage Support

Provides senior technical support (Level 2/3) for server and storage, covering HP, DELL, IBM, LENOVO, NETAPP, EMC.

A5-BFIX-Network Management &Support

Provide network administration and maintenance, covering CISCO, HUAWEI, PALO ALTO, H3C, and ranging from configuration, staging, deployment and 24x7 monitoring service.

A6-BFIX-Audio &Visual System Support

Provides A/V system design and installation, covering CISCO, POLYCOM, Microsoft Teams

A7-BFIX-Door Access Control &CCTV System


B1-GAP-Account &Password Management

Provides backline support and administration for corporate customer's user account and password management, covering active directory, SAP, OA and CRM and so on.

C1-GMS Consulting &Survey Service


C2-GMS Managed IT Support with Tools

リモート サポート、オンサイト サポート、およびプロジェクト主導型サービス提供をカバーする、グローバル SMB のお客様向けの IT 管理サービス プログラムを提供します。IT自動化ツールを使用して、BROCENTは標準インストール、トラブルシューティング、設定管理、ウイルス対策、クラウドデータのバックアップ、セキュリティパッチ管理、主要インフラストラクチャとアプリケーションの監視サービスを提供します。

D1-IMAC OS &Software Installation Service

Provides the routine EUC (computer and mobile device) related IT support, covering installation, change, de-installation and configuration management and so on.

D2-IMAC Hardware New Install/Move/Change

Provides IT support in the data center, covering new installation (rack &stack), cable connection, UAT (test), survey and joint technical test and so on.

D3-IMAC Cloud Service &Telecom Service

Provides the technical coordination service supporting client in subscribing and managing those telecom and cloud based service covering internet, PSTN, SIP, ECS, Storage, and Email

E1-Other Other System Integration Service

Provides the system integration service, covering network, storage, computers, could and data centers.


System Access Control

Preventively check the access control policies and verify their effectiveness

  • Shared folders: Check AD &NTFS folder security &sharing permission
  • Check and verify the remote Access ACL

  • Check and verify the WIFI ACL

  • Check and verify LAN VLAN and ACL

System Availability

Perform 24x7 system monitoring and identify errors and alert

  • server and storage up/down time
  • Applications' accessibility
  • Critical System service health status
  • Hardware components' availability and further inspection of their configuration

System Security

Preventively check the status of system security components.

  • Manage system security patches and Execute the update SOP

  • Proactively manage hardware warranty

  • Check and store system configuration

  • Deploy centralized antivirus management and check &alert 

  • Deploy centralized Anti Malware management and check &alert 

  • Cloud technology to retrieve all defined system logs to manage alert and risk

  • Penetration technology to identify system vulnerability and remediate the risk

  • Manage all security perimeters to control risk on network barriers

User Account Management

Use this paragraph to describe what you do. This is a great place to let your visitors.

  • Manage all system related privilege accounts

  • Collect and review AD accounts to avoid obscenest accounts

  • Collect and review EMAIL accounts to avoid obscenest accounts

  • Collect and review Application accounts to avoid obscenest accounts

  • Define and execute password policy

End Point Security

Implement to control data &application securities on mobile devices

  • Password Policy
  • Kiosk settings
  • Data on HDD encryption
  • Control Panel Settings
  • USB device control
  • Remote data wiping

Software Licensing Management

Setup the routine software license and legalization governance &compliance  process

  • Record all software license &procurement records

  • Inventory software license to make license gap analysis

System Change Management

System unauthorized changes may cause system down and business loss. This is to

  • Manage change process to retain change records and configuration

  • Manage the master system configuration

Data Backup and Recovery

Backup the business data residing on-premise servers, storage, and those data in the cloud.

  • Define and execute the data backup plan

  • Perform data restoration test 

  • backup log and verify backup task status

BCP Plan and Disaster Recovery

Manage the technical policy and procedure of recovering the business application and data

  • Define Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Execute the DR Plan to verify the system recoverability and data integrity


  • Experience or ability to follow installation instructions in installation and troubleshooting desktop applications. Knowledge of enterprise LAN and WAN setups and concepts. Ability to perform smart hand activity under instruction based activities at sites.
  • Skilled in desk side support and PC break/fix including basic administration of Windows O/S. Subcontractor to identify through transition and communicate in advance to the “Wipro ” where basic MAC O/S support may be required as a smart hands event. Once the locations and quantities are known, Subcontractor and Wipro will mutually agree a support strategy for Mac O/S support.
  • Some usage Knowledge of TCP/IP networking, DNS, DHCP, VPN, and RDP. Evaluation and installation of primary and peripheral computer and networking hardware, including, but not limited to: monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, fax machines, scanners, routers, wireless routers, switches, firewalls, racks, cabinets, multi-port data termination panels all under ‘Smart Hands’ capability.
  • Ability to troubleshoot issues with systems and networks using good deductive reasoning skills under ‘Smart Hands’ capability.
IT solutions APAC
APAC IT support


Brocent Hypercare of managed IT services keep your IT running and your users supported, so you can focus on your IT strategy and growing your business. You’ll benefit from:

  • Optimized IT Performance: The proactive approach to IT management keeps your network and systems running at peak performance
  • End-User Support: with a professional, China-based service desk, Brocent will ensure your IT users have the fully qualified &professional service
  • Cost-Efficiency: save money on your IT management by leveraging Internal Ticketing &Monitoring systems, best-practice processes and resources
  • Peace-of-Mind: breathe easy knowing your IT environment is in good-hands with Brocent’s managed IT services.

IT solutions APAC

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APAC IT support

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IT solutions APAC

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