When it comes to an IT requirement looking for the Managed IT Support, you might have many questions how to find a qualified engineer, and the criterial of  identifying a solid solution for both budget and compliance concern. Look at BROCENT

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INDUSTRY IT Service Scenario


This gives the example of business scenario illustrating the business needs, and the IT service offering in terms of technical design, resource alignment and project management.

It helps customer quickly understand how BROCENT team is delivering the IT managed service.



New IT Setup

Statement of Work

Shanghai, China

Applicable Cities

English, Mandarin


50+ Users

User Size

Token Service

Service Type


In this scenario, the complete IT setup covers EUC computer, printer, network, server, cloud service and security hardening. This section illustrates the key technical elements we have taken care in the IT infrastructure design.


The customer  plans to establish the new manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China, and at the same time, it is planned to close the existing plant in Beijing. Customer CIO concerns much about technical implementation &transition plan if it could meet the "1 Month" target timeframe, while it would not compromise any technical standards and expectation on quality and communication &time zone gap.

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  1. Needs a robust physical server, that supports VMWARE virtualization to host multiple hosts and roles of Domain Controller, DNS, DHCP, SQL Server, Accounting System, File server etc.
  2. A cost effective NAS storage as a backup media to contain the business backup data with capacity of retaining data up to one year
  3. Use preferred backup solution VEEAM to execute the backup task to cover the application availability and data recoverability.


    1. Two dedicate CISCO routers are designed to support edge internet and MPLS circuit connection to achieve the segregation of network access from different authorized users. CISCO VPN is mandatory to setup and allow mobile work from traveller and work at home.
    2. Physically segregated LAN network with redundancy is designed to manage data and voice network with specific VLAN and QOS to guarantee the transmittal speed and scalability.
    3. Designated firewall is setup to manage the network access control from red zone and use the web filtering functions to safeguard the intranet security in terms of antivirus, spyware and suspicious internet data


      Client has strong demand of business contingency plan (BCP), hence requires a flexible solution in the cloud to make sure best system availability. With this needs, BROCENT proposes to setup the cloud backup,  accounting system in the cloud, Microsoft 365 email and Sharepoint in the cloud, antivirus in the cloud and so on.

      Besides, a office 365 new tenant needs to subscribed respectively in China mainland and Hong Kong to support two business units with unique domain name. Prerequisite requirement is to make data migration from Lotus Domino on-premise servers to Office 365 cloud service with all business email data, calendar, Directory and archived data. As a higher priority task, BROCENT uses authorized migration tools and migrated 4.2T data into Office 365, and all users are happy to use Microsoft outlook after the post-implementation training.



      Group standard computer model and specification is designed to meet the business requirement from production department, R&D department and back office needs with standard Windows 10 Enterprise preloaded OS and standard EUC operating environment i.e., patch management, password policy, power user account, standard list of software.

      All computers are part of Active Directory for central management in terms of group policy, user account and password management, and the single sign-on settings integrated with Office 365. 

      IT ROOM


      Customer IT infrastructure requirement is to design the server room and facilities to support 50+ users and computerized system in the plant, that shall be generically connected to BROCENT centric network 24 x 7 monitoring system to achieve the system's availability target on routine preventive IT maintenance plan.

      In terms of physical security, It is also designed with CCTV, Humidity and temperature sensor, A/C monitor and Door Access Control system.


      Bill of Materials (BOM) are agreed to make sure every single elements in the design is thoroughly considered and assessed. With better planning comes more accurate knowledge on how much time a task will take. This allows Solution Team and Customer to cost up jobs and orders more effectively. In Asia, usually the delivery of goods ordered directly from manufacturer costs 4 weeks to 8 weeks, knowing that it gives roughly precise estimation on goods lead time, and gives better assumption when to prepare the project plan. For the sake of IT compliance, BROCENT never works on refurbished, unofficial and unlicensed IT products.


      It happens refurbished goods is supplied with very cheap price, that looks brand new but has been used for ages, and consequently there is no more warranty and support.


      It happens that product is supplied with cheaper price but that is actually registered under other Big Account name, and will not be able to have official warranty service


      It happens that some commercial software is supplied and installed on the server and computers, but there is no legal license along with the devices, and might install any unlicensed software keys.

      IT Compliance &Governance


      Three key management approach to achieve a successful project delivery, that are

      Project Plan

      Define project plan with detail design, technical tasks and time estimation on delivery and engineer resource is the initial step. Brocent PMP certified engineer calculates and verify every project elements and moves to the project success.

      Low Level Design (LLD)

      Following High &Low level technical design, team senior engineers from network, server and security jointly work on actual physical installation and configuration to deliver the designed IT service to business. 

      User Acceptance Test (UAT)

      Pre-defined test cases to go through physical test, system functional test, security baseline test and user business test to make sure all technical design and realization meets expectation.


      It turns to on-going support model once the implementation is completed.

      EUC Support

      IT maintenance service to support end user computing device on issues tracking, and problem trouble-shooting to make sure users' IT utilization is well maintained. BROCENT uses the managed service platform to manage all computer and printer's key performance indicator e.g., hard disk capacity, installed software list, security patches, warranty, paper counter, and so on, in this way, the service delivery team works on predictive mode of user support, and eventually uplifts all users computing devices' uptime.

      System Monitoring

      Server, storage, network and any cloud infrastructure are the critical IT elements to support business process, data storage and security. Brocent NOC team offers 24x7 continuous monitoring service to identify the issues and address the problem, and make sure the best availability.

      Preventive Maintenance Plan

      Preventive support plan comes with 128 itemized maintenance elements that covers the data backup, antivirus, security patches, user account and password, security hardening, cloud perimeter security and vulnerability management and so on.