Enforcement of IT Security Governance for all mobile EUC devices

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SERVICE Managed IT Service Managed EndPoint Security


Any Device, Any Platform

オフィスコンピュータ、従業員 BYOD デバイス、会社所有のモバイル デバイスなどがご利用いただけます。すべての機能は、ユーザー アカウント、パスワード、権限、承認されたアプリケーションなどを管理する 1 つの MDM 管理コンソール内でサポートされます。

Device Lifecycle Management

All company owned IT asset e.g., computer and mobile devices are distributed and used by employee. MDM supports to manage the security throughout the whole life cycle. Data will removed remotely to protect company if that is lost.

Flexible in Business Use

従業員が来て、去って、それはMDMソリューションはあなたが行くように支払うように余分なコストを引き起こすことはありません。セキュリティ ソリューション全体は、ホーム オフィス、トレーニング センター、オフィス コンピュータなど、すべての作業シナリオに適用できます。


Client IT infrastructure tends to be light weight and cloud based. There is less chance to invest local on-premise server with Active Directory and Group Policy for ECU computer and mobile device management. Moving to the best option of mobile device management makes much technical flexibility of IT infrastructure design and meanwhile comes with strengthened EUC IT management, and no compromise with IT security governance. No heavy IT software investment. Pay as your business Grows.

EndPoint Security
Application Security

Geofencing – Location based MDM restriction

Geofence functionality, in the context of an MDM, let’s the administrator define policy zones and policy-exclusion zones. Policies with admin-specified restrictions and profiles are automatically configured on to devices that enter the geofence. Geofencing is ideal for field devices that house business-sensitive data and are constantly in different locations. MDM allows creation of multiple geofences all around the world.

EndPoint Security

Data Security and Encryption

Perform full disk encryption on Windows 10 PCs using BitLocker, Microsoft’s built-in tool for encrypting system drives, data drives and removable data drives. BitLocker encrypts the entire Windows operating system, offering protection against unauthorized access of a lost or stolen Windows device.

Seamlessly separate corporate apps and data from personal apps and data by deploying “containers” on devices.

Perform seamless disc encryption on Mac devices using Apple’s full disc encryption program “FileVault” to prevent unauthorized users from retrieving the information store on Mac. Once the device is encrypted, anyone without a password or recovery key will be unable to log in to your Mac.

Application Security

Application Security

Restrict access to Google Play Store, iTunes Store, Apple’s App Store,  Microsoft  Store Apps, iBooks, podcasts, to prevent users from installing non-productive apps on corporate devices. Prevent managed app data from syncing with your iCloud account. This prevents devices from syncing corporate data with its iCloud account.

Deploy proactive internet access controls to monitor the bandwidth usage of apps on devices. Configure per-app VPN on to establish secure access to corporate data from managed device endpoints.


Add value to your business

Secure a part of your personal device for corporate use by deploying logical “Containers” on devices.
Separate personal and corporate data on Android devices by enrolling your devices in Android Enterprise program. Push apps and install/uninstall apps silently, enforce app-specific configurations and permissions, enforce data security settings on devices and more.
Seamlessly manage corporate apps and data separately from personal apps and data with MDM’s iOS Business Container.

Seamless IT EUC Security Control

Mobile working and collaborating with teams, partners and customers through the cloud IT infrastructure brings the business convenience with hassle-free on IT security - Access Permission, Installation of Program, Data Encryption, USB Restriction, Malicious Isolation, Sandbox, Remote Data Wipe. Everything is under the direct administration from your local Virtual IT department 
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The end security solution supports Windows 10, Mac, Android, and Iphone

Password Policy

Data Encryption

Web content Filter

Enterprise Apps

Remote Grant Access

Remote Data Wipe

Withdraw Access

Remote Lockdown

MDM Technologies

In the business case, BROCENT uses the combination of Technologies to achieve the business expectation of security management and flexibility.

The Technologies cover the MDM, centralized authentication, cloud infrastructure, monitoring and security audit.

Device Theft Prevention

Real Time Device Location

Device Geographic Tracking

Device location can be monitored and analyzed to track the stolen or lost devices. Remote administration is to access to a list of comprehensive reports that help keep track of the entire device lifecycle.

Remote Lockdown Device

Withdraw Permission and Settings

Once device is identified and tracked if they  are lost, the remote administration  is initialized to  withdraw access to entirety of the device and lock it down in an instant so as to prevent any unauthorized access from the lost corporate device and prevent any loss from the the vulnerability

Remote Wipe Corporate Data

Remote Wipe Corporate Data


Custom Message on Device

Custom Message on Device

It can be administrated to publish the policy to the devices and display the customized message on the lost devices from the backend management console.

DLP &Threat Management

Data Loss Prevention DLP

Mobile OS Management

BROCENT helps the enterprise establish policies related to data security that seek to mitigate inadvertent data loss. The IT administrator can ensure that sensitive data is bound within the safety of corporate devices. Restrict transfer of data from a managed device through USB, Bluetooth and tethering.

Data Copy &Paste

Mobile OS Management

Enforce copy/paste restriction to prevent data leakage into unmanaged applications. Managed open-in policies that prevent managed content and application from being opened from unmanaged sources.

Mobile OS Management

Mobile OS Management

Track the system parameters, OS versions, security updates and privilege escalations such as jailbreak or rooting.

Remote Administration

Remote Administration

Remote administration to configure corporate Wi-Fi and VPN settings to avoid connections to malicious networks. Manage the  standard list of authorized applications