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Amazon and Google Blast Microsoft: Cloud Computing Engages in Monopoly, Hinders Customer Flow

31.08.22 10:34 AM By Stan

Amazon and Google Blast Microsoft: Cloud Computing Engages in Monopoly, Hinders Customer Flow

Amazon and Google reportedly slammed cloud computing rival Microsoft on Tuesday, accusing it of making the latest software business adjustments that will prevent customers from moving to competing cloud computing platforms and affect fair competition in the market.

On Monday(2022/08/29), local time, Microsoft announced a series of adjustments, including software licensing policies, which will take effect on Oct. 1, and which Microsoft claims will facilitate better competition among players in the cloud computing market.

However, the software licensing policy adjustments announced by Microsoft exclude a total of four companies – Amazon, Google, Alibaba and Microsoft itself.

Just recently, a number of cloud computing service providers in the European market filed complaints with the European Commission, alleging a number of unfair practices by Microsoft. Subsequently, the European Commission launched a preliminary investigation, asking a number of cloud computing companies for details of Microsoft’s practices and the impact they have had on rival platforms.

In the global cloud computing market, Amazon is far ahead, followed by Microsoft and Google Inc. But as the leader, Amazon has shown no mercy when it comes to blasting Microsoft Corp.

In an email to the press, a spokesperson for Amazon’s cloud computing division said that Microsoft’s previous behavior, which already existed to the detriment of its competitors, is now intensifying, and that Microsoft is making new unfair restrictions to avoid the competition it faces in the market. Microsoft is not listening to its customers and giving all of them a fair software license in the cloud computing space.

Marcus Jadotte, Google’s vice president for government and policy affairs, also criticized Microsoft. In a post on the Twitter site, Jadotte said the cloud computing industry’s commitment to customers is to provide flexible, elastic computing services where customers don’t have to worry about traditional contract lock-in, and that cloud computing customers should be able to migrate freely across platforms and choose the technology and platform that works best for them, rather than being forced to choose the platform that best serves Microsoft’s interests.