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FAANG is out of fashion?

Beijing, September 6 morning news, according to reports, investment firm Constellation Research chief analyst and founder Ray Wang said in a media interview that it is time to redefine the top of the technology giant food chain.

According to the analyst, the previous FAANG should be replaced by MATAN...
06.09.22 12:57 PM - Comment(s)
Amazon and Google Blast Microsoft: Cloud Computing Engages in Monopoly, Hinders Customer Flow
Amazon and Google reportedly slammed cloud computing rival Microsoft on Tuesday, accusing it of making the latest software business adjustments that will prevent customers from moving to competing cloud computing platforms and affect fair competition in the market.

On Monday(2022/08/29), local time, ...
31.08.22 10:34 AM - Comment(s)
Approach IoMT Security and Risk Management - Brocent
Approach IoMT Security and Risk Management - Brocent
17.08.22 11:07 AM - Comment(s)
Global Cloud Services

With global supply chain shortages, cybersecurity threats, and geopolitical instability escalating, cloud business transformation has become a top priority for businesses. Small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, have begun to increase their investment in cloud infrastructure services to s...

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IT Field Service Impact, Typhoon In-Fa hits Chinas coast
#BROCENT IT Field Service is being Impacted by the Typhoon In-Fa, that starts on 7/26 till 7/30 - the FTE Service, TOKEN Dispatch Service, PTE Service and Professional Service Onsite Deployment.
26.07.21 02:52 AM - Comment(s)