What Shall I Do - Code of Conduct

26.12.22 06:57 AM By jack.zhang
  1. Be respectful, polite and professional.
  2. Use agreed method of communication (telephone/email/chat) to contact End User.
  3. For email communications with End User, use only End Customer’s domain.
  4. Identify and represent yourself as an BROCENT employee.
  5. Take care of personal hygiene and appearance.
  6. Adhere to End Customer dress code policy.
  7. Adhere to BROCENT’s and Customer/End Customer’s information security policies and processes.
  8. Engineer computers must have latest security patches installed.
  9. Ensure your computers have password and screen saver controls and automatic lock when idle.
  10. When accessing, transmitting or maintaining End User data, the engineer should adhere to BROCENT, Customer and/or End Customer’s policies. Security breaches must be reported using secured and encrypted file transfer.
  11. Be and active participant of the service desk, sharing innovative ideas to improve business.
  12. If meeting a VIP, be sure to schedule an appointment, be on time and dress smart.
  13. When completing an IMACD Ticket, ensure that you follow the process detailed within the Ticket. Keep the area tidy and organized.
  14. Always update Tickets upon completion within ITSM Tool and ensure BROCENT SPOC are aware of your time of leaving the premises.
  15. Inform BROCENT if End User or Customer ask you to carry out additional tasks whilst on site.
  16. Use your tool kits and refrain from asking the End User for tools.