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6 Steps to Effective Vulnerability Management for Your Technology
Technology vulnerabilities are an unfortunate side effect of innovation. When software companies push new updates, there are often weaknesses in the code.
10.03.23 03:31 AM - Comment(s)
How Is the Metaverse Going to Change Business
The new buzzword around town is “metaverse.” But what does that actually mean for businesses? Is it just something that social media companies need to be concerned about?
07.03.23 03:10 AM - Comment(s)
The Pros & Cons of Tracking Your Employees Every Digital Movement 
Since the pandemic, employers around the world have needed to change.
03.03.23 02:30 AM - Comment(s)
Mobile Malware Has Increased 500 What Should You Do
Cybersecurity researchers uncovered an alarming mobile statistic. During the first few months of 2022, mobile malware attacks surged by 500%.
01.03.23 05:47 AM - Comment(s)
Smart Tips to Keep Money From Being Stolen Through Online Banking
There are a lot of things that have changed since the invention of the internet. One of these is how we bank and access our accounts.
21.02.23 02:43 AM - Comment(s)
Is That Really a Text from Your CEO... or Is It a Scam? 
Imagine you’re going about your day when you get a text from the CEO.
17.02.23 03:05 AM - Comment(s)
Thoughts of Building Agile IT Managed Service Capabilities in Asia
Adapting to the cloud digitalization and transformation, the large organization tends to centralize the IT management and governance of critical IT infrastructure and business applications to the IT office in the headquarter.
15.02.23 03:48 AM - Comment(s)
Cool Windows 11 Features That May Make You Love This OS
Microsoft released the Windows 11 operating system (OS) over a year ago. It was largely well-received as stable and user-friendly.
14.02.23 02:00 AM - Comment(s)
6 Ways to Prevent Misconfiguration (the Main Cause of Cloud Breaches)
Misconfiguration of cloud solutions is often overlooked when companies plan cybersecurity strategies.Cloud apps are typically quick and easy to sign up for.
10.02.23 02:00 AM - Comment(s)
4 Proven Ways to Mitigate the Costs of a Data Breach
No business wants to suffer a data breach. But unfortunately, in today’s environment, it’s difficult to completely avoid them.
07.02.23 02:45 AM - Comment(s)