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Thoughts of Building Agile IT Managed Service Capabilities in Asia

15.02.23 03:48 AM By Celine.yang

Thoughts of Building Agile IT Managed Service Capabilities in Asia

Adapting to the cloud digitalization and transformation, the large organization tends to centralize the IT management and governance of critical IT infrastructure and business applications to the IT office in the headquarter. 

However the Centralized IT organization still needs the last mile of IT support to take care of their regional business IT, that includes

  1. Qualified smart hand support to support localized cloud and on-premise infrastructure in the branch
  2. Regional IT help desk support to manage all daily IT incidents and IT service request
  3. Project support for IT refresh and migration 
  4. Regular IT compliance audit

For all of these, it appears high cost if maintaining an Regional in-house IT support team. In the pandemic and post-pandemic period of time, it becomes an urgent agenda for CIO thinking how to maintain the balance of IT service quality and a flat &flexible IT expense. 

Choosing Brocent, we work at the same IT management standard and process as the clients are doing , and Brocent teams work in the same time zone as where clients work in. White label Options are available for client to choose

  1. Shared regional IT department
  2. Dedicated regional IT department 

Receiving the knowledge And command from IT headquarters, we Brocent are working the annual IT plan together with clients acting as local IT team dealing with daily IT operations, and proactively participate IT security governance and on-going IT projects. 

This is Not to reinvent the wheel but run the IT business on the wheels that Brocent has practiced with cumulated industrial experience to extend the support and to drive the IT operation in an cost efficient model, Pay-as-you-Go, a model of Agile IT Managed Support &Service.