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Japans current Covid-19 response and the upcoming Olympics.

20.07.21 06:31 AM By jack.zhang

Japan’s current Covid-19 response and the upcoming Olympics.

It's regarding Japan’s current Covid-19 response and the upcoming Olympics.

Covid-19 State of Emergency:

Tokyo is now under a new state of emergency, expected to last until August 22nd.
People are asked to not travel between prefectures, where possible, and are being asked to stay at home and refrain from non-essential outings

BROCENT and #BROCENTASIA is considered an essential service, but these restrictions may affect our ability to meet SLAs throughout Japan and may require ticket rescheduling or additional charges for transportation and accommodation.

We ask that all customers #SMB and partners respect social distancing and use recommended measures to prevent the spread of COVID19. Note that if #BROCENT field technicians feel that their safety is in danger, we will automatically withdraw them from the ticket and ask them to leave the site.

We ask that you please:
• inform us in advance of any shipments to our offices so that we can ask someone to be there to receive them.
• confirm with your customers that the site is open and accessible during the State of Emergency when a ticket is opened.

We will keep you informed of any changes to the state of emergency.
Please refer to the official website for further information:

Tokyo 2021 Olympics & Paralympics.

Japan is now coming up to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and we have already begun to see implications for travel in the Tokyo area. We would like to advise all partners that there may be delays in meeting SLA commitments from our Tokyo office around and during the Olympics and Paralympics.

Olympics: July 23rd to August 8th
Paralympics: August 24th to September 5th
We are expecting delays from today all the way up to the 30th of September.

Specific restrictions we know of so far:

Today to 30th September: Local area around stadiums in Tokyo have restricted movement until the 30th of September.

July 19th to August 22nd: Tokyo highways are either closed or severely restricted between 6am and 10pm. Open highways have increased charges for use during these hours. It is currently unclear what restrictions there will be during the Paralympics.