Why SME should consider of Remote IT Support Service?

05.01.23 07:10 AM By jack.zhang

Why SME should consider of Remote IT Support Service?

It has been the common sense that IT users need to call local IT support guy, or bring your own computer in for general troubleshooting and repair. Indeed in the enterprise environment, this takes a lot of time getting things done, and also it kills technical support resource’s working efficiency.

Particularly for those Small and Medium Size Enterprise (SME), they may have the decentralized team members working remotely from different countries and cities for the creative job. It is unlikely to have the deskside support everywhere and serve every moment.

Managed Remote IT support is now a viable and affordable option for businesses of all sizes. Here’s why you should consider making the switch in 2023.

Remote IT services enables Business Operational anytime

It’s no secret that there was a huge shift for remote work during the 2020 global COVID pandemic. Suddenly, it seemed like everyone was either working from home or talking about working from home.

According to the research, at least 30% of the entire working population were still working from home full-time in 2021, which means that companies need reliable remote IT services now more than ever before.

Remote support software enables SME companies to provide their clients with the majority of services without bringing any additional hardware or other equipment on site. This not only saves time but also money, as you do not need to buy new devices for this purpose and hire additional people to maintain your network.

What is IT remote support?

Managed IT remote support is a service delivery method that allows BROCENT certified engineer to connect to a business’s computer or mobile devices, and work on it as if you were in the same room. This is done by using a Remote Support Platform that allows the technician to see your screen and control your computer.

You can solve your IT problems from the comfort of home with remote support. Your technician will either call, email, or chat to diagnose your technical problem and often solve the situation within minutes.

Remote IT services can also include helping you achieve your long-term IT goals. Whether that’s maintenance, security, or software updates, remote IT support can cover any and all of your technological needs.

Top 6 benefits – Using Managed IT Support by SME

Managed Remote IT service is a growing trend in the IT Managed Service &Support industry. In fact, using Managed Remote IT Support has already saved many companies time and money. Remote IT services are becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits. Here are five of the top reasons why you might consider switching over to remote IT support in 2023:

No more Single Point of Failure

It does not rely on a single technical support personnel because they may be off due to medical leave, annual leave etc, but the remote support service is being rendered by a group of IT Support agents, they are well trained and full access to the SME support knowledge base, and they hand on daily support with full awareness and knowledge on what is being configured and how quickly the issue shall be identified and resolved then.

Be Responsive in IT Support

Unlikely onsite Ad-hoc support, it does not need to wait for the on-route time till engineer reaches onsite. Quicker response time is one of the top benefits that come with Managed Remote IT Support that BROCENT is rendering “15 Minutes First Response Time”. With such responsive IT Service, 24 hours, 7 days a week, your company can have all its questions answered without having to wait for days or weeks for someone on-site to answer attend to your problem. Remote IT services usually provide a quicker and easier alternative to onsite techs.

Lower IT Expense

When you use remote IT support, your company can also benefit from lower IT support costs. This is because most of the work is done by remote technicians who are experts in their field and don’t require expensive on-site visits. It also means you don’t have to employ a tech department at your company, which is great news for your company’s bottom line.

Increased employee productivity

IT problems are a major distraction for any employee. By using remote tech services, you can increase productivity by having a trained IT specialist solve your IT issues. Such certified remote engineers are not limited computer skills, but also extended to network, cloud technologies and security management. This allows your team to focus on their primary job roles while the tech experts take care of everything else for them!

Full Stack – IT Support Experts

The IT technologies are evolving rapidly, and it is getting easier to use IT technologies in business. Solving the problem of my computer is always a minor part of IT support &service scope, and it may extend to have IT expert in designing, setting up and maintaining the firewall, Wi-Fi network, Microsoft 365, Google Cloud Suite and IT Security management and so on. This happens often in finance industry, that sorts of IT security compliance must be in place to safeguard the data security and cyber security for the compliance purpose.

Usually, small businesses only have enough capital to employ a single tech expert. This employee may have limited experience or industry knowledge. Employing a remote IT team will allow you to access remote IT specialists with a wide range of experience and specialties.

Preventive IT Support and System monitoring

Not only can remote IT services help you when you are in a technology bind, but they can also provide preventative care (IT System health check) to understand how the IT system is running by identifying the potential issues and providing the IT remediation plan. With regular maintenance services, scheduling the system down time, your company can stay up and running without any outages or other problems. BRCOENT IT services support team can also provide 24 hours, 7 days a week’s system monitoring to secure the best in your critical IT system’s operation.

Technology Refreshment

IT technologies happen rapidly, and it is mission impossible for a Non-IT staff to follow and manage the latest developments within the tech world- but that’s when your remote IT services team comes in. They can inform you of new cloud technologies, security vulnerabilities news, new software, products, or app upgrades that could be beneficial to your business. With a team of experts on your side, you can feel confident that your company has cutting-edge technology so you can stay ahead of your competitors.