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IT engineer said this in the interview

10.08.16 06:50 AM By jack.zhang

IT Service manager made interview with T1 engineer and asked why you left current company. He said, "Oh, one of customer users  was not happy with my onsite service because he felt my service performance is bad, and such a simple incident took 1 hour to resolve."


Manager: Is this the major reasons that you left current company?

Candidate: No, actually my team leader not happy with me as well. We have a team rule that we are prohibited to lend any IT asset (i.e., router, mouse, software license..) to end users without going through internal procedure, but I did.

Manager: So…… both EU and team manager are not happy with you. That is why you left the company?

Candidate: No, actually one of my colleagues left the company and I FEEL NOT HAPPY, and DECIDED TO LEAVE, EITHER.

Management View

This is the management issues indeed. If engineers are not happy, can we blame for all their faults?!

NO. Our principle is Happy Work, Happy Salary. As a Service Delivery Manager, we have to anticipate the underlying issues in terms of communication, service soft skillset, and technical aspects, and resolve it during the routine management.