Holiday IT Service Support China 09/17

31.08.16 12:58 PM By jack.zhang

Dear Customers, 尊敬的客户,您好:

According to the public holiday schedule, we announce 2016 Mid-Autumn Festival as follow:


We will have 3 consecutive days off for the Mid-Autumn Festival: From September 15 (Thursday), to September 17 (Saturday);September 18 (Sunday) will be the work day.

中秋节将连续3天放假,自2016年9月15日(周四)至9月17(周六),9月18 (周日)将被调整为工作日正常上班。

 During the holiday, "Your China IT Team" is still working to deliver the IT Support Service.


We wish you and your family a happy holiday.



IT Service Center 博迅中国服务中心


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