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Diligently Deliver IT Service

13.07.16 03:29 PM By jack.zhang

As a service deliver head, we have deliver the onsite IT support service more than 5 years in China mainland and HK zone. Cases volume is increasing dramatically, while we are continuously maintaining the service quality. We found that it does not become more sophisticated to manage the service quality and customer satisfactory. Customers become happy and they trust our team's capability. Why? 

I admin that our team's technical skillset is not perfect, and it is not possible to have the whole teams members to cover all technical aspects. We are not super man but we deserves the best in communication throughout the whole lifecycle of each IT service ticket. Understanding the requirement of each case in the beginning of service request, it is crucial for service engineer to deliver a qualified service.

Today we had one case in Nanhai Sector, Foshan city, Guangzhou Province. It is required to make IBM Firewall rack &stack, and furthermore support remote IBM expert to perform the changeover. From technical point of view, it is nothing but plug and re-plug the ethernet cables, and call the service expert to perform the changeover on the ARP table. The whole service took 7 hours, of which only 1 hour is actual onsite technical hands-on. Finally customer is happy, why?

Service location is a far far remote area. BROCENT service center spent huge time to coordinate with client oversea management office to understand the exact service address, and make the route planning for engineer. Of course, the site access permit must be arranged in advance;

Such preparation in a diligent way was not wasting time, but saved huge time for the customer. The fact proves that BROCENT engineer easily took the pre-booked vehicle in the high speed train station and catched the time slot to enable the service in the data center. Otherwise, it might take at least 2 extra hours to source taxi or bus in that incredible remote village, that shall be mission impossible.

Taking this chance, i wish to share our view on the service detail management. We are on the way to create the value for each service we delivered for our customers.