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Brocent Won IT Relocation Project | Shanghai China

18.11.17 07:18 AM By jack.zhang

BROCENT wins the IT Relocation Project, that supports clients to survey, contingency plan, move, stack &rack and finally resume all IT infrastructure in the new office. 9 Hours with 12 experienced IT engineers' effort completes the delivery of the whole relocation service, 17:30 till 2:30 A.M in the second day.

IT Relocation Service Shanghai China

In such reloaction project, usually it involves multiple suppliers to take care of different scope of work, i.e., Furniture, Cabling, Office Security, IT Infra &Application and so on. Perform a thorough survey becomes the utmost crucial, that makes clear of Roles &Responsibility for the whole team to follow till the completion of task execution, which covers the fundamental IT inventory, system &network diagram, and the co-relationship to the applications with its unique maintenance window.

A short but precise execution plan simplifies the process of disconnection, packing, protection and moving, that right person is monitoring and validating the accuracy and integrity of all IT assets. A particular attention shall be on the coordination with BMO, that makes sure packed devices &materials can be moved down and up within the expected timeframe.

We value those effort by all interest parties likely cabling, security and furniture etc, because everyone is working in the same space and time windows, as-of-it, more important things for Brocent PM is to keep earlier and proactive communication with client's project managers that the relocation team can move all devices &facilities into the new computer room and/or workspace punctually on time, with that, the network &system engineer can efficiently work to resume the network and system.

Yet, the network connectivity and system functional test is the last but not the final step to examine and prove that end users can properly use the IT infrastructure in this nice &new office.

Congratulation to the team. Awesome work done.