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Cybercrime and Cyber-Attacks are becoming more prevalent with each passing day. Over half of small and medium businesses (SMB) have reported being the victims of cybercrimes. Every day, there are new headlines about data breaches, hackings, Cyber-Attacks, and various forms of crimes against businesses. In a survey, over two-thirds of the participating businesses had suffered at least one cyber attack, while one-third had experienced the same in the last 12-months.

The CIS Controls™ is a set of security best practices that help businesses mitigate and protect themselves against the most common Cyber-Attacks and Threats out there. These were developed and are maintained by IT and Security Experts at the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and are recognized by Businesses and Governments globally. 


we can help you navigate the complicated world of IT & Cybersecurity so you can better protect your Data and your Business. 

IndexContent SectionPage
1Cybersecurity Technology and Market OverviewPage 1 - 14
2Cybersecurity Control Framework Page 15 - 19
3Inventory and Control of Enterprise Asset Page 20
4Inventory and Control of Software Asset Page 21
5Data Protection Page 22
6Security Configuration Control of Enterprise Assets and Software  Page 23
7Accounts ManagementPage 24
8 Access Control ManagementPage 25
9Continuous Vulnerabilities Management Page 26
10Audit Log ManagementPage 27
11Email and Web Browser ProtectionPage 28
12Malware DefensesPage 29
13Data RecoveryPage 30
14Network Infrastructure ManagementPage 31
15Network Monitoring and DefensesPage 32
16Security Awareness and Skills TrainingPage 33
17Service Provider ManagementPage 34
18Application Software ManagementPage 35
19 Incident Response ManagementPage 36
20Penetration TestPage 37

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The booklet  of Cyber Security Essentials serves a guide of Enterprise Owner and security controller to understand and furthermore establish the IT Security Governance framework. Click the "Download" to get a copy of the document or view online version. Contact us for more Cyber Security Information

Cybercrime is a significant threat to businesses. It can lead to disruption of operations, breach of business and customer data, unauthorized access to networks, and more