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BROCENT Setup Hong Kong IT Service Center

25.11.15 06:09 AM By jack.zhang

What do you expect from the IT Support Specialists who come into your office to look after your computers?Aside from the technical support expertise, you would probably expect that our staff, when working at your premises, be professional, patient, good at listening and very importantly, are trustworthy and work with integrity.


Our team of staffs is delivering IT Managed Service in China, and now our service has expanded to Hong Kong area. There is no change of our service process, and please call the toll-free service center 400-008-2008, or send email to it-service@brocent.com. Our service center will support you in minutes, and onsite engineers can arrive at your sites by SLA.



Brocent is Your China IT Team. We are working in China, and speak the same language with you; We are living in different time zone, but we are working at the same time windows. Please do hesitate to contact us for IT support, any time, anywhere...

博迅就是您在中国本土的IT团队。虽然我们工作在中国,但是我们用同样的语言和您交流;虽然我们生活在不同的时区,但是我们工作在同一个工作时区。 无论何时、何地,请随时联系我们获取IT 服务。


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