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AD-HOC POBS Token Service Billing Rule

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Revision 0.1 on 06/24/2023

General Terms

ADHOC POBS Token Service Refers to the service billing model "Bill client Per Occurrence”, in short, it is the type of POBS Service.


1.1.  The client will pay the Service Provider the fees set out in this billing rule:

a.  Service Provider shall advise the service rate per service request;

b.  Client shall approve the rate by issuing the Purchase Order. Purchase order is bonded to the term &conditions set forth in Master IT Service Agreement.

c.  Service Provider shall provide the “Per Occurrence” service report and bill calculation.

d.  Client shall review and acknowledge the report and bill calculation.

e.  The client shall validate and confirm the Bill Calculation within 1 business day and shall provide the updated PO within 1 business day.

f.  The client shall pay for the rendered service within the agreed financial credit term.

1.2.  If the client provides the updated PO, service provider will issue a matching invoice to the Client within 5 days, which will be paid30 days. 30 days payment term means BROCENT shall receive the fund within 30 calendar days upon the BROCENT invoice date. BROCENT does not accept delayed payment, though client may have their own monthly accounting payment schedule.

1.3.  If there be any dispute of some specific service report and its bill calculation in the commercial invoice, Client shall still arrange the payment. The corrected amount of invoice will be credited in the next invoice cycle.

1.4.  If the client agrees the service schedule by email confirmation to the service provider and cancels the service 24 hours prior to the Appointment Date/time, the client shall pay 2 hours service charge and the travel charge (if it is applicable) to the service provider.

1.5.  The service provider provides the onsite engineer support service, that is Minimum 2 hours charge per visit, and substantial 1-hour increments.

1.6.  If the Service Provider supplies the Client with a Billing Schedule:

a.  It must include the incident reference numbers, which relate to the preceding period, and the associated charge by Service type, in the English language.

1.7.  All Fee sand other sums payable by the Primary to the Service Provider are (unless otherwise specified) inclusive of all taxes, including sales tax.

1.8.  If the client delays the payment, it subjects 25% of total overdue invoice amount per calendar day.

Over Time Approval

Approval and Evidence: Business email is the only agreed and authorized way of giving the approval from Client to BROCENT specially on Ticket operation level. Any verbal or approval on WECHAT and/or Line, and/or SKYPE, and/or WHATSAPP is not being considered as “APPROVAL”.


Repeal or Rescind or amend Approval: neither form of change is accepted. Exception is accepted for some emergent situation.


Over-Time: Partner will not allow its engineers to do over time job, unless CLIENT issues the official email approval to BROCENT Service Desk and its help desk specialist. Failure in receiving the official email approval from client will subject to an agreed term that BROCENT onsite technician shall end the assigned job on and before 18:00 in any working day. No over time service will be paid if BROCENT works without receiving client email approval.

SCR: Service Call Report to be submitted by BROCENT within two working hours or the earliest second business day upon the completion of activity. Date, Time and SPOC signature must be mentioned clearly and should be readable. Correctly filled and signed SCR is mandatory for billing


Example of Bill Calculation

Calculation of Service Charge:

1. If the service start time in the first hour falls to 17:00 – 17:30, the first hour charge is agreed as “office hourly rate”.
2. If the service start time in the first hour falls to 17:30 – 18:00, the first hour charge is agreed as “non office hourly rate”;
3. If the extra time on task after the initial two hours is less than 15 mins, the total extra time is agreed as “Non-billable”;
4.  If the extra time on task after the initial two hours is more than 15 mins and less than 60 mins, the total extra time is agreed as “substantial 1 billable hour”
5. If actual time on task is less than the enforced TOT, it will be billed based on the actual time on task

Appendix - Bill Rule for Prepaid Token Services


Billing Condition

Minimum Charge, First 2 Hours

Bill Increments


09:00 -18:00, Working Hour

2 token

1 Token


18:00-22:00, Monday-Friday

3 token

1.5 token


22:00 or later, Monday-Friday, or

Any time in the weekend

4 token

2 token


Any time in Public Holiday

6 token

3 token

Additional Token charge for travel, parts delivery and logistic.Additional Token charge for travel, parts delivery and logistic.

 1 1. Extra Charge for Heavy Part Travel: Engineer may need to bring a complete set of spare machine (i.e., a server, a cisco network device) or any heavy spare part to a service premise that will be 1 token charged.

2. Extra Charge for Night Travel: Engineer may need to handle the request with higher priority or severity during the night (18:00-21:00), later than that, it will be Max. 2 tokens charged in total.

3. Extra Charge for Remote Site:  Engineer may need to handle request for a site that is not within the SOW or a site with 1+ hour travel time. 1 Token is charged if single trip is less than 30KM; 2 tokens are charged if single trip is 30KM – 50KM.
Max. 2 token per site visit
 2 1. Logistic Cost: this rule is applicable for the customer(s) using BROCENT zone IT Warehouse Service.
2. This happens when it is requested to courier Parts from one warehouse to another one, except the big part or mass warehouse relocation, it is to charge 1 Token for domestic shipment.
1 token per shipment
 3Warehouse Cost: this rule is applicable for customer(s) using BROCENT zone IT warehouse (Std. 1 Cubic Meter) service to store IT parts. ·Short term (<1 month): Free for 1 month.
·Long term(>1 month): TBD

General Service Flow

This section presents the general IT Services Flow, and the mechanism how the service is being governed and escalated so as to ensure the service quality and consistency. You may find the general steps and contact information where the client may reach out BROCENT for any assistance.



1. For any commercial related topics, client may contact accounts@brocent.com for responsive support.

2. For any service and solution related topics, client may directly contact the SPOC in Service Desk Team, or reach out the agent's escalation point.