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[2020-2021] IT Service Arrangement during the Spring Festival

08.02.21 08:15 AM By jack.zhang

Dear Customer,


As Spring Festival approaches, all Chinese will have 7-day holidays off since February 11, 2021. During this long holiday, Brocent provides uninterrupted IT delivery services in Asia region, covering managed outsourcing services, professional technical support services, and hardware warranty services. Some remote regions in Asia are subject to downgraded SLA service due to holidays.

Chinese New Year holidays will affect February 11, 2021 to February 17.

Brocent will return to normal IT service delivery from February 18, 2021.

The followings are the local public holidays for the main regions of Brocent Asia.
 Chinese Mainland 2021/2/11 - 2021/2/17
 Hong Kong, China 2021/2/12 - 2021/2/15
 Taiwan, China 2021/2/10 - 2021/2/16
 Malaysia 2021/2/12 - 2021/2/13
 Singapore 2021/2/12 - 2021/2/15

In order to guarantee that you can get a fast service response, the plan of Brocent IT Service Operation Center is as follows:

Availability of Global Service Desk Team (GSD)

Mainland China GSD Team will operate on a degraded basis with response time adjusted to a maximum of 8 x 5 x NBD.

Hong Kong Regional Service Desk Team will remain in normal operation.

Singapore as well as East Asia services will remain in normal operation.

Availability of Field Engineer Team (FSS)

Mainland China FSS team service downgraded, only holiday shift service retained
Normal operations maintained in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

Availability of Account Manager Team (AM)
Mainland China AM team service downgraded, only holiday shift service retained
Normal operations maintained in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, etc.

The Contingency Arrangements for IT services during the Spring Festival for GSD team:

  1. During the Chinese New Year holidays, all requests (including all regions and all customers) will be supported by the Hong Kong regional helpdesk team.
  2. During the Chinese New Year holidays, you can still request IT support by sending email to it-service@brocent.com
  3. If you encounter any difficulty in IT service, you can escalate to ust@brocent.com or through the local IT service hotline.
Brocent local IT service Hotline
 Mainland China +86-400-0812026
 Hong Kong +852-800-931463
 Singapore +65-800-4922225